Noshin' Around NYC

Obviously, I can't get enough of New York.  When you grow up living close to NY there is a lot you take for granted, most notably pizza and bagels (although I'll swear up and down that the best bagels are actually in NJ at several establishments).  And even though we've got old favorites, ya gotta try something new every now and again.

So we've gone over and over my love of eggs.  You know the drill by now.  Also: Burgers...or really, one burger in particular.  What do you get when you put an egg ON a burger? 

Pure joy.  This is the very juicy Brunch Burger at Five Napkin Burger in Hell's Kitchen (there's another on the UWS).  I got mine cooked medium, and there were some nice juices running out of it when I cut it.  Juices + egg yolk, and I'm in heaven.

Above and below are some action shots of a very worthy subject--the lamb kofta burger, topped with some awesome tahini sauce and tomato/cucumber/pepper/onion salad.

This burger (and its toppings) was pretty delicious, but we both agreed that the Zola one was better.  But for nearby & a reasonable price, 5NB is a great fit.  AND the fries are hot and crispy.

It's cool that you can make a reservation, especially because this place gets PACKED at night.  Very convenient to the theaters.  Service was great.

Five Napkin Burger
630 9th Avenue @ 45th Street

Five Napkin Burger on Urbanspoon

You can't go to a Broadway show without a snack for intermission.  The chocolate chunk cookie and chocolate macaron from Bouchon Bakery fit the bill perfectly.  We meant to eat breakfast at Bouchon in Las Vegas, but the pasta tasting menu the night before made that unwise.  This Time Warner Center outlet is quite convenient, and ladies let me tell you, the TWC has one of the nicest public bathrooms in Manhattan.  The cookie is top notch.  You can taste the buttery brown sugaryness of it.  It has depth.  Not as in many inches of depth, but flavor depth.  The (big) macaron is divine.   The delicate cookie is light and crisp on the outside, but soft and ganache-y on the inside.  Oh man.  (My love of macarons is well documented.)

Besides delicious pastries of all stripes, you can grab sandwiches like fluffer nutter or grilled cheese (w/tomato soup of course) to go, for one of the free-for-all tables hanging around, OR you can go to the cafe, which has table service!  I was all about the counter service.  I'm on the move, people.  Also, at some point, TWC is super nice and Bouchon is delicious and fancy, but we're in a mall.  Glorified mall, but still.

Extra props to L for saving my arse with some photos when my phone froze for the first (and hopefully last) time.

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Circle, 3d Floor

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What in the world is that?  That's what you are thinking.  It's a chocolate cream filled cupcake from Kitchenette.  I thought of it less as a cupcake and more of a Hostess cake.  We also had one filled with peanut butter (that looked almost identical, but the filling was...peanut buttery).  I didn't sink my teeth into either of these until two days after they were purchased.  I'm sure fresh off the rack the cake would have been more moist, but the inside was still quite good.  We ate them out of the fridge, but I would have LOVED if they'd been in the freezer.  Because that's how I am.

At Kitchenette, J enjoyed the Tex-Mex, scrambled eggs, chili, sour cream, and grilled cornbread.  He said the cornbread was the highlight, it was really fluffy.  And he wished for more chili.   [Ed note: he just sent me a photo of the breakfast, and how he did not mention earlier that the eggs and chili were neatly piled atop the cornbread, I have no idea.  ART!]  But the peach iced tea was superb (and served in a mason jar).

Kitchenette Restaurant
156 Chambers Street

 Kitchenette on Urbanspoon

There you go.  More places to eat in NY.  And I wasn't the only one spending the weekend away!
This week flew by waaay too fast, so I think I'll have to Round Up on Saturday instead of Friday!


  1. I love Bouchon Bakery! Just visited the one in Napa!

  2. If I had only gone in LV, then in Napa I could complete the trifecta! Things to aspire to.