Good Stuff Eatery

Now, I'm not sure if you watch Top Chef regularly, but we're big fans. As it goes, we were not such big fans of Spike Mendelson, the force behind Good Stuff Eatery, a newish-comer in the flurry of burger joints.

I had a turkey burger with avocado chunks, sprouts, and tomato. The burger was good, but it was piecier than I would have liked. The bun being more soft and less structured probably didn't help with keeping the burger structurally sound. The beefeaters (not those) enjoyed their burgers, but one said that it was a little pink--not necessarily too pink for her, but probably too pink for most average consumers. You expect a certain degree of doneness when you aren't asked for specification.

The onion rings were VERY good--instead of whole onion rounds dipped and fried, they were sort of onion ring chips. Much easier to eat. We also had Spike's Village Fries with thyme, rosemary, and cracked pepper. They were good, but the onion rings were better. I expected anything with thyme and rosemary would be off-the-charts awesome, but I was wrong.

I have to go back for a milkshake. I'm particularly interested in the Toasted Marshmellow. If only Capitol Hill wasn't soooo far away...

Good Stuff Eatery
303 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Metro: Orange and Blue Lines to Capitol South


Hudson - Restaurant Week

It's been a while. I've been eating, but not as much at restaurants. It seems school has devoured my life. But fear not! I will tell you about Hudson.

I recently [editor's note: not so recently, it turns out] enjoyed RW lunch at Hudson with two lovely ladies. Hudson replaced David Greggory at 20th and M Streets last fall, across from the St. Gregory hotel (::shudder::).

I decided to recklessly abandon any shred of healthy-eating decency at this particular lunch, which is why I had (1) Corn chowder (with piquillo peppers, chives, and chorizo oil), (2) buttermilk fried chicken (with whipped potatoes, gravy, and HONEY), and (3) a root beer float with vanilla bean ice cream. My food was awesome. The corn chowder wasn't super thick and creamy, so it wasn't as inappropriate for summer as it initially sounds, trust me! I rarely eat fried chicken, but if you're gonna do it, do it this way--so good! Not greasy at all!

I'll let S and L talk about their food...

S: For an appetizer, I ordered the beef brochette, which was served on top of a mini salad of frisee, pear, and a "roquefort crouton." The beef was tender, a little seared on the outside (my favorite), and so flavorful. Delicious. While I avoided the frisee (I don't waste energy eating wannabe lettuce), the "crouton" was a fried and melty blob of blue cheese. Such a good pairing with the beef. I'd totally get it again.

My main dish was a stuffed tomato florentine, which normally wouldn't be my main dish but I was tempted by the thought of a fresh summer tomato. It wasn't amazing. It was well plated, at least, with a cute little tomato hat, but I'd only recommend it to a vegetarian. It grew on me the more I ate it, but it didn't have a ton of flavor. L's beef tenderloin looked much more appetizing, but then I wouldn't have discovered the beef brochette since I probably wouldn't double up on a beef appetizer and a beef main dish. Oh well!

Despite being Miss Chocolate USA, as ieatDC just named me, I ordered the coconut panna cotta for dessert, again being tempted by a summery dish. It was also plated well with a drizzle of pomegranate sauce and a homemade tart lemon wafer cookie stuck in top. The pomegranate "sauce" was like a concentrated, highly flavorful extraction and added a nice zing to the panna cotta. Perhaps I'm not that familiar with panna cotta in the first place, but it was chewier than I imagined? I guess I thought it'd be like a flan or a mousse, but it was still delicious!

L: [Had the bet salad with goat cheese, beef tenderloin, and sweet potato bread pudding.] I thought the beets were good, though this type of salad is pretty much ubiquitous now, and I've had tastier versions at other restaurants. That doesn't mean it was bad, but it wasn't *amazing*. The beef tenderloin was a huge portion, and it was delicious. I would definitely order it again--it was the best part of my meal. The dessert was good, but the buttery sauce was too rich for me--I don't think I'd order it again.

Food was really really pretty. Generally tasty. Nothing to freak out about, but in the winter they usually have matzah ball soup, and I'm dying to try it.

2030 M Street NW
Metro: Red Line to Dupont Circle
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PS7's RW

OK, so it was Restaurant MONTH practically over at PS7's (that's chef Peter Smith and 777 I St NW), after a somewhat lackluster RW experience there last year, J was itching to go back after reading various positive reviews.

To start, J had the mussels and I had the spicy tuna tartare sliders on Parkerhouse rolls. They were absolute wonders in one teensy bite. Delicious and beautiful. I want them again. Right now.

J had the beef short rib and tenderloin - the short rib was falling apart (in a good way, not like "this friendship is falling apart!"), it was super soft (but not mealy). It was like the best brisket I'd ever had in my entire life. I was boring (and trying to be healthy), so I had fish with vegetables and it was fine, but I wasn't jumping out of my chair.

The beignets with the two sauces (one fruit and one chocolate) were divine, so do yourself a favor and save room for dessert.

Lately I've been sort of into trying cocktails, so I had a delicious drink with rum, lemonade, and ginger ale--not too sweet (so appropriate with dinner) but a nice change from beer or wine. I need to become better versed in cocktails--it'll only happen if I order them!

777 Eye Street NW
Metro: Gallery Place, Chinatown
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