Good Stuff Eatery

Now, I'm not sure if you watch Top Chef regularly, but we're big fans. As it goes, we were not such big fans of Spike Mendelson, the force behind Good Stuff Eatery, a newish-comer in the flurry of burger joints.

I had a turkey burger with avocado chunks, sprouts, and tomato. The burger was good, but it was piecier than I would have liked. The bun being more soft and less structured probably didn't help with keeping the burger structurally sound. The beefeaters (not those) enjoyed their burgers, but one said that it was a little pink--not necessarily too pink for her, but probably too pink for most average consumers. You expect a certain degree of doneness when you aren't asked for specification.

The onion rings were VERY good--instead of whole onion rounds dipped and fried, they were sort of onion ring chips. Much easier to eat. We also had Spike's Village Fries with thyme, rosemary, and cracked pepper. They were good, but the onion rings were better. I expected anything with thyme and rosemary would be off-the-charts awesome, but I was wrong.

I have to go back for a milkshake. I'm particularly interested in the Toasted Marshmellow. If only Capitol Hill wasn't soooo far away...

Good Stuff Eatery
303 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Metro: Orange and Blue Lines to Capitol South

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