Fewer Words Friday at Jack's

Jack's Oyster House recently invited Daniel B. and company for a special lunch highlighting some new menu items.  I agree with him wholeheartedly (including that I'd like to see the farm names highlighted on the menu), and here are the accompanying photos.  One dish, my favorite (the scallop in the pink peppercorn and orange sauce), was consumed too quickly for my photo--sorry.

This was a delicious salad.  I'd like it topped with blackened salmon for a nice lunch. The candied walnuts were really yummy.

I could do without this dish.  Mostly, to me, fried is fried is fried.  And it belongs in a bar.

I kind of liked the risotto but didn't love it.  I'm not a huge shrimp person, and the scallop paled in comparison to its unpictured cousin.

Osso bucco topped the lamb, and I didn't understand anything else on the plate--not that I'm unfamiliar with asparagus, I just didn't want to eat it.

This cheesecake was divine, and despite having eaten a million other things beforehand, I nearly finished it.  Light and fluffy and creamy, not too sweet.

Jack's Oyster House
42 State Street
Albany, NY


Buttermilk Channel

Ohhh to spend my afternoons wandering around the Brooklyn Flea, lusting over giant mirrors that I'm not sure fit in my house, drinking overpriced but delicious milkshakes, sampling spicy pickles....but unfortunately I reserve this behavior for special occasions.

Also for special occasions?  FRIED CHICKEN.  I know.  Again.

To be clear, only 3/5 of us had the fried chicken.  But the serving was so gigantic that I got to have a fair amount of it.  People weren't really eating mine that much, so I got to have 1.5 dinners.  It was great.

I had the warm lamb salad.  It was basically super tender small pieces of lamb, some sort of shredded, over two big pieces of lettuce.  Not so much a salad as a giant plate of lamb.  YES!

House made croutons, cauliflower, and fried capers (which explode into little crispy blossoms, btw--try itat home) rounded out this dish. 

J had the duck meatloaf with sweet corn pudding.  He shocked me with this, I thought for SURE he'd get the fried chicken.  I think he knew some people wouldn't be able to finish theirs. AHEM, everyone.

Did I mention that we started with snacks?  Homemade pickles that were to die for - there were slices and spears, with totally different flavors. We almost got a second order when a complimentary snack arrived.

Surprise!  Popovers!  Lightly salted on the outside, totally soft and luscious on all the other sides.

The hushpuppies, left, were good but somewhat forgettable.  The sea salt-dusted maple bacon almonds were not nearly as forgettable.  The poor hushpuppies, how could they even try to compare? 

Seriously, if I could happy hour at BC with just the snacks, apps, and beer, I'd be psyched.

Dessert time!

The birthday girl was generous in sharing her chicken because she knew she wanted to save room for the bread pudding.

I was too full to think about ordering any dessert--none of it was like ME! ME! GET ME! But when dad's crazy pecan pie sundae thing came out, I dug in big time.  He was so gracious to share.  Everything you want in the sticky, sweet, pecan pie contrasting with the cool creamy vanilla ice cream, soooo heavenly.

^ I am still thinking about this sundae.  Really.

Now brunch @ BC looks awesome, but don't even THINK about going for the chicken and waffles - it's not available at brunchtime!  Apparently some reviewer said that it was, and people started demanding it and being super sad panda when they learned it isn't happening.  Like when I go to Palena Cafe and they are out of chickens for THE roasted chicken, or when I want Andy's Subs so badly I might die, and it's Sunday.

Buttermilk Channel
524 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY


Iron Gate Cafe

On a recent gorgeous Saturday morning early afternoon we enjoyed brunch at Iron Gate for the first time.  What took us so long?!  We'd heard that it was delicious, we knew we had to get there while it was warm, but we just forgot.  Too busy with our pancakes and Super Breakfasts and cinnamon swirl toasts.

For the first time in a long time I was feeling like an omelet.  No poached or over easy on this day.  I had an egg white veggie omelet, a scoop of J's food, and toast.  Inside were tomatoes, onions, fake meat sausage (I heart feat), peppers, and cheddar cheese.  They also have Johnny cakes, cornbread-like pancakes that I usually reserve for a restaurant on the British Virgin Island of Tortola.  I kind of wanted a side of JC's, but not a whole meal.  Must. eat. eggs.  It was everything I wanted.  After running and showering, I just want someone else to make my food and bring it to me.  No more standing for me, thanks.

J enjoyed a special involving a bowl of chili and poached eggs covered in cheese.  It was crazypants, tasty, and an enormous portion.  He did such a good job finishing it with minimal assistance.  The specials all sounded good, it's nice to have some off-menu surprises.  You wouldn't think August = chili, but it actually was a cool-ish day, it probably ended up raining that afternoon.

We'll definitely be back at Iron Gate.  I don't see us going there unless the weather is nice and we can sit outside, though. 

Iron Gate Cafe
182 Washington Ave
Albany, NY

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Fewer Words Friday

Recently, K sent me this picture:

What you are seeing is a frozen margarita with a shot of sangria and a Coronita stuck in it.  Found and enjoyed at Blockheads Burritos, in this particular instance, on the patio at the Midtown West location.  Filed under #thingsiwant.

Enjoy your three day weekend!!!!