First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SEEEEEEEEESTER!  My partner in crime as a paparazzo of delicacies, my Will Travel For Half Marathon T-Shirts buddy, my dear friend who might read this in a few weeks because she's busy having fun, that city slicker.

If you have one night only in Saratoga, you should probably go to Hattie's. It's not fancy, it's delicious, and it's pretty classic Saratoga.  When I tweeted out to the world for suggestions for me and my intern on two separate occasions, people were all about Hattie's.

I've never been one to shy away from fried food done right.  While my family doesn't eat fast food on a regular basis, we obviously fry Chanukah latkes and indulge in the best of what's fried in the world, which includes, but is not limited to, many fries cooked in duck fat

When E was in town for a week at the track, we met up at Hattie's to get to the bottom of all these recommendations.

 Stop it with the outdoor charm.

 Yummy biscuits and cornbread.  Has anyone ever made cornbread French toast? They should...today.

 Riiiiibs.  A little fatty, but enjoyed by all.  Not the star, though.

The star!  Pabst Blue Ribbon Fried chicken!  Hot, meaty, crispy, salty, crunchy fried chicken.  In a bucket.

You might have dessert at Hattie's, but if the weather is fair, I encourage you to grab ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt somewhere along downtown Saratoga.  Go for a stroll--after the fried chicken you will definitely need to stretch your legs and move around a little bit.  And hydrate.

I'll definitely be back at Hattie's; not too often, because I want to enjoy what I think they do best.  But it's a place to bring out-of-towners and a reliably happy, fun experience.

45 Phila Street
Saratoga Springs, NY

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  1. The bucket is so cute! I just had Hattie's this weekend, too, from their stand at the racetrack. It was delish!