Little Anthony's

We were going to a not-too-late movie on a weeknight and needed a quick bite.  Suggestions from the Twitterati included Ralph's and Chipotle.  I couldn't stop myself from a little Yelping, and ended up curious about Little Anthony's. People had some nice things to say about their pizza and hot sandwiches, and I was intrigued about the vegan options.  I didn't want to have anything vegan, necessarily, but I liked that the option was there.  If one of my vegan or quasi-kosher friends comes to visit, they may enjoy a vegan option from LA.  But it'll probably be takeout.

We walked in and saw one guy waiting for his takeout order.  We stood at the counter for about 5 whole minutes until someone came to take our order. There were a couple guys back there, and two guys rushed hurriedly one way and then the other, passing us, DEFINITELY seeing us, but not acknowledging anything at all.  It was awkward.  I don't want to be like "hi, can we order?" because it is so clear that they see us and they know that we haven't ordered. They just don't seem to care.  Maybe I'm in too much of a hurry.

It was a toasty day, and that translated inside Little Anthony's.  I don't think they have A/C.  It was dark, and it smelled a little bit like a locker room.  Not strongly, but faintly. 

My food was delicious. It took a while, but when I got it, I really liked it.  I had eggplant parm, and it wasn't too soggy (which happens sometimes), the bread stood up to it.  VERY filling.  I recommend takeout not only because of the lack of ambiance at LA's, but then you can quickly put the remainder in the fridge (probably 1/4) for a post work out OMGIneedfoodnow snack.

J was a champ.  He ate all of this gigantic calzone.  I really liked the texture of the dough.  This thing wasn't stuffed--it's not the ripieno basilico.  But it was tasty and gigantic.  I kind of want it right now.

Other funny note: we were undercharged, unbeknownst to us.  During what seemed like our epic wait for food, the guy who took our order came by and told us he didn't charge us the right amount. Again, awkwardness.  The difference was about $7, and it wasn't like we gave them the wrong amount--they asked us for the wrong amount to start with.  A little weird, but it's not like it was an expensive meal.  I didn't mind paying what it actually cost, it was just a funny situation.  If I were him I probably wouldn't have said anything--after all, it would be my mistake.

I could see us getting takeout from here if it's on the way home.  Reasonable prices for solid eats and great portion sizes.

PS This is probably my last post in August. How cray cray is that?  That means I've lived in Albany for 9 whole months.  An entire human being grew in someone's womb and could be born in the amount of time I've lived in Albany.  Actually, one did!  Mazel tov to my cousin and her brand new bundle of squish. ::retreats to finish knitting blanket::

Little Anthony's
1095 Central Ave
Albany, NY

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