Fewer Words Friday at Jack's

Jack's Oyster House recently invited Daniel B. and company for a special lunch highlighting some new menu items.  I agree with him wholeheartedly (including that I'd like to see the farm names highlighted on the menu), and here are the accompanying photos.  One dish, my favorite (the scallop in the pink peppercorn and orange sauce), was consumed too quickly for my photo--sorry.

This was a delicious salad.  I'd like it topped with blackened salmon for a nice lunch. The candied walnuts were really yummy.

I could do without this dish.  Mostly, to me, fried is fried is fried.  And it belongs in a bar.

I kind of liked the risotto but didn't love it.  I'm not a huge shrimp person, and the scallop paled in comparison to its unpictured cousin.

Osso bucco topped the lamb, and I didn't understand anything else on the plate--not that I'm unfamiliar with asparagus, I just didn't want to eat it.

This cheesecake was divine, and despite having eaten a million other things beforehand, I nearly finished it.  Light and fluffy and creamy, not too sweet.

Jack's Oyster House
42 State Street
Albany, NY


  1. Whoever wrote this seems like they ordered stuff they didn't like... Interesting. And seemed to live on the negative side. You didn't take a picture of the plate you ate but are going to complain about the others? Hmmm. I have never been there but a friend recently told me that this was one of her favorites. I will have to try it and see for myself.

  2. I ate all of the dishes, but didn't always finish the plate. And I didn't order any of it, as it was a set menu. Not complaining, merely reporting. Sorry it bugs you!