All Good Bakers

I love following local personalities on Twitter.  I scoped out the ALB Twitter scene before moving here and started following the appropriate blogs.  It didn't take long to start hearing (and keep hearing, repeatedly) about All Good Bakers.   The idea of a Community Supported Bakery sounded awesome to me (like the Whisked pie share?).  I started following them on Twitter and even "Liked" them on Facebook, even though I'm generally opposed to Liking anything on Facebook.  [Sidenote, I won't Like your blog on Facebook because I follow it on Google Reader and maybe follow you on Twitter, and I don't need to be told about your new post for a third time in a new way.  Really, I like you, and I like your blog, but two places is enough right now for me to express that xoxo.]

And they were always commenting about the delicious lunches and brunches that were available!  And talking about how they got some awesome cheese and Farmer Jon (our new neighbor is his farm stand) dropped off these awesome looking veggies.  And we'd get a cool peace sign of whoever was in the van, which seemed to drive down our street a lot.  Sooo we obviously had to go by.

J and I brought visitor B, a newbie to the Capital Region (but resident of our nation's capital), on a recent Friday afternoon.  That scored us 10% off on the yum to come.

 B and I both had the grilled cheese of the day. Black pepper goat cheese with garlic pepper IPA jam.

 J had the tempeh veggie burger and a similar fresh crunchy side salad.  He's Mr. Veggie Burger since he had one in the Columbia River Gorge that was truly delicious and unique.  He liked the consistency of this guy.  None of us got the crispy flatbread pizza, maybe because we've been making some flatzas at home :)

I appreciate mugs that depict a sweater putting its arm around another sweater.

We got a loaf to go--I think peasant sourdough--and it was so good for so long.  It didn't last that long, but even a few days later it was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  So delicious, and bringing much joy to our household.

AGB says they are "baking with ethics," and they shop with them too.  They get some produce from Farmer Jon, who has sold us some of the sweetest corn we've had all summer from his farm stand, as well as the best white peaches.  +1 for Farmer Jon.

All Good Bakers
160 A. Quail Street (it's the first floor, you'll see it)
Albany, NY

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  1. I just signed up for Twitter, and I have no idea what I'm doing, but you're one of my first follows :)