New Oreos: A Review

I delayed on this because it was so disappointing I didn't really want to talk about it.

When J found out there was going to be such a thing called "Triple Double Oreos" he jumped at the opportunity to try them ASAP.  He filled out an online request form for media (because, you know, he's such a regular contributor to the blog) and maybe 10 minutes later we had a FedEx with the aforementioned cookies.

We took them home to NJ for a taste test.  We were immediately disappointed.

Were these cookies gross? No.  But the fact is that they weren't what we were expecting.

The name Triple Double made it seem like they were made of Double Stuffed Oreos. So a triple-decker Double Stuffed is what we expected.  If you're having trouble with triple decker being only two instances of filling and three wafers, you are not alone--we were arguing over whether that is double decker or triple decker, and we can't really come to a conclusion.  A Google image search results in the three pieces of bread but two sets of fillings variation, and that's what we've got here.

But again, that filling?  Not double-stuffed.  Decidedly single-stuffed regular old Oreo filling.  Which to J means it's too dry--too much cookie, not enough icing.

Was anyone else under the impression that these would be double-stuffed?  I'm surprised I haven't read about misrepresentation or anything on the Wall Street Journal.  This is a pressing social issue.


  1. This review is both timely and invaluable. Only lack-of-stock kept me from purchasing these babies this very evening. In retrospect, I'm glad they were sold out, saving myself the disappointment.


  2. I was badly behaved in not posting this earlier. BAD BAD. New computer, new house, new puppy...equals untimeliness. Glad it helped :)

  3. That is disappointing, but i just came across a solution! What if you made these...http://cookiesandcups.com/reeses-stuffed-oreos/ but with 2 layers of reeses??? OMG please do it!

  4. Oh my....that is ridiculous. And Reese's PB cups are my very favorite candy. Peanut Butter + Chocolate = 2gether 4ever.