Iron Gate Cafe

On a recent gorgeous Saturday morning early afternoon we enjoyed brunch at Iron Gate for the first time.  What took us so long?!  We'd heard that it was delicious, we knew we had to get there while it was warm, but we just forgot.  Too busy with our pancakes and Super Breakfasts and cinnamon swirl toasts.

For the first time in a long time I was feeling like an omelet.  No poached or over easy on this day.  I had an egg white veggie omelet, a scoop of J's food, and toast.  Inside were tomatoes, onions, fake meat sausage (I heart feat), peppers, and cheddar cheese.  They also have Johnny cakes, cornbread-like pancakes that I usually reserve for a restaurant on the British Virgin Island of Tortola.  I kind of wanted a side of JC's, but not a whole meal.  Must. eat. eggs.  It was everything I wanted.  After running and showering, I just want someone else to make my food and bring it to me.  No more standing for me, thanks.

J enjoyed a special involving a bowl of chili and poached eggs covered in cheese.  It was crazypants, tasty, and an enormous portion.  He did such a good job finishing it with minimal assistance.  The specials all sounded good, it's nice to have some off-menu surprises.  You wouldn't think August = chili, but it actually was a cool-ish day, it probably ended up raining that afternoon.

We'll definitely be back at Iron Gate.  I don't see us going there unless the weather is nice and we can sit outside, though. 

Iron Gate Cafe
182 Washington Ave
Albany, NY

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