In honor of the state I am in (or at least, should be in) at posting-time, here's more on NY:

A lot of fights (verbal and otherwise) go on about the ubiquitous Best Pizza In New York (City).  People talk about it AllTheTime.

There are articles about DiFara...not one recently, but at least three mentions in The New York Times in the past 6 months.  The saddest one is a piece by a neighborhood writer who stops going because of the hour(s)-long waits and touristy crowds.  One visitor was quoted in the Times as crassly saying, "it's like they dug up my grandma and she made the pie."

The pie is impressive.  We watched as Dominico DeMarco, the man, the legend, did exactly what he did in this video (not me, btw).  He made pie after pie, with the superfresh fragrant basil cut with a scissor right over each one, the parmesan grated by hand directly over YOUR PIE (not into a container, later to be tossed on by hand-->pie.  Grater-->pie only, thx), and olive oil pouring out of the copper kettle.  Mmm.

You will wait.  But I've waited before--Ray's the Steaks, 2 Amys, Ray's Hellburger, umm remember a Denver brunch where we waited outside for over an hour?  And it was raining???

If you're like me, then you know that good things (pizza) come to those who wait.  The crust is thin, the basil is plentiful (a plus in my book, I know others who aren't a fan of big leafy herbs in their food), and the flavors combine to make beautiful music.  But you still taste everything separately, and you know that the sauce on its own would be delightful by the spoonful, and it would be OK if the cheese went right into your mouth from the grater, as opposed to on someone else's pie.

You can try to call ahead to order your pie, but when the list is long they just stop picking up the phone.  Seating is scarce--a few tables (all different sizes) and not even enough chairs for the tables that exist.  Waiting space = crowding the counter or outside.  Be kind to your fellow guests, and if you're just waiting at a table and they are lucky enough to have a pizza, let them sit.  <3

Di Fara Pizzeria
1424 Avenue J
Brooklyn, NY

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