Postcard from Asheville

Moving and shaking, we are.  Fall is a great time to head to Asheville for some stunning foliage, hippie/hipstery music scene, cute shops and boutiques, and did I mention delicious eats?  Just walking around downtown, the restaurants are buzzing, the lines can be long, and most menus look delightful--how to choose?!  Thank goodness for our helpful guidance from J & J; Asheville is her college town, and I knew she'd lead us to all the right places.

Laughing Seed Cafe
"Something can be really good and filling, and it doesn't need meat."  I'm a former vegetarian, but J-man is definitely not.  Do I even know this guy???  Laughing Seed was amazing---tempeh, tofu, and seitan ("wheat meat") often played the role of hearty meat-like substance, while the veggies, nuts, fruits, spreads, and creativity made this place to die for.  Burritos, enchiladas, salads, sandwiches...the menu is huge and the servers are really helpful with recommendations.  The pakoras were amazing, and one of mine looked like a swan.  Really, can it get any better?  This place was hands-down an eat-good, feel-good, do-good kind of joint.  We loved it.

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Tupelo Honey
Prepare to wait, but the wait is worth it---we had the best sweet tea ever, and egg concoctions galore; one in our party enjoyed the Eggs Crawley, a clever name for the crabcake dish.  And get this--in the more original version, asparagus can take the place of ham!  How's about that!  Now I thought the biscuits were good, but Mrs. Brooket says hers are better--I guess that means I need to book a trip to Charlotte SOON. We bought a package of the biscuit mix for mom, and her lovely and always-charming daughter whipped them up for Thanksgiving!  [Ed. Note: This part was updated after L informed me that no, Mom did not make the biscuits.  L made them!  Accuracy is vital.]  Brunch, lunch, or dinner, you really can't go wrong here.  Fresh blueberry jam you want to eat with a spoon.  Forget the biscuit.

Tupelo Honey Cafe on Urbanspoon

Another joint we didn't get to that J recommended was Early Girl Eatery.  Time was short, but I know we'll get there next time!  

P.S. Asheville is a great place to stop on your way to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


  1. Nice restaurant picks. Make sure to check out the river district's many eateries too. I've literally seen folks lined up in freezing weather to get their BBQ. Take a look at this local guide www.ashevillenow.com/restaurants

  2. Awh you made it! These photos make me nostalgic in a very big way. must. go. back.