It happened. We left Arlington.

Between snowpocalypse and the holidays, we actually relocated.  No no, don't worry--we'll still be eating food all over DC, but expect significantly less Arlington.  At least, if we can stay away.  As recent Marylanders I expect we'll delve into Bethesda eateries, and try some off-the-beaten-path (read: non-Metro) establishments as well.

Things we'll miss include Faccia Luna, Boccato, Dairy Godmother, Ray's, Brooklyn Bagel, and frequent trips to Old Town.  But we can do without the super-packed Orange Line and schleppy commutes.

Onward and upward, right?  Upcoming posts hopefully will bring my postcard from Asheville (finally!!!), the Best Pizza In NY (some say), and a few more spots around town.  Got a reservation for VOLT in February, biiiig mystery for me was how exactly to GET a reservation, when 30 days in advance was booked already at 12am on OpenTable. 

Also, it turns out I've been on to something all this time with my brunch obsession.  

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