NEWS! Ray's Hell-Burger--Still Delicious, New Side Dish Added


I have no idea when the new side dish appeared. Anyone? Comments? (I don't know because I'm not allowed to have Ray's more than once every three or so weeks...let's be honest, no one should. It's a huge amount of red meat for one person. You need to space that stuff out, ya'll. I care about each and every one of you, and I want you to live for a very, very, very long time.)

We both got blackened burgers cooked "recommended." J got Vermont white cheddar, grilled peppers, and heck sauce. I got grilled onions and dill pickle chips. We noticed the blackened was kicked up a notch--previously it was difficult to distinguish between grilled and blackened, but tonight we felt the heat! And we liked it! On the side were cheese tater puffs, these little buttery balls of pretty-good-ness (they were good, but not AMAZING--definitely more interesting than French fries, though). When did these little guys appear? Last time we checked the options were potato salad, mac & cheese, and coleslaw. Wow, I didn't realize coleslaw was one word.

The Boylan's Diet Root Beer tasted flat, but the Cheerwine I had next made me forget about all that sadness.

And yeah, that's my hand in the picture. There was another picture that DIDN'T have half of my blurry hand in it, but I want you to really get a sense of how hungry I was, and how I didn't want to wait for a picture to be taken before tasting one of the fluffy puffy thingies. And not bad for a camera-phone picture, right?!

*I <3 you vegetarians, but there's nothing for you here. No veggie burgers, no fish sandwiches, no fake meat, no Portobello mushroom situation...

Ray's Hell-Burger
1725 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA
Metro: Orange Line to Court House, or an uphill walk from Rosslyn on Orange or Blue
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  1. I heard that they had a Portobello mushroom burger. Bummer to find out that was wrong. I am all about an actual burger, but my girlfriend's a vegetarian so this messes up our plans for dinner. Any suggestions of a good place in the area for her to get her Portobello burger and me to get a good old fashioned one?

  2. If there IS a mushroom burger, I must have missed it! Maybe on purpose. Even when I was a vegetarian, I was only a fan of the veggie burger and you couldn't PAY me to eat a Portobello mushroom. How many times did we sit down somewhere and find that my only options were to a) order appetizers to assemble my dinner, or b) dine on Portobello "steak"?

  3. BGR Joint in bethesda has a veggie burger and Good Stuff Eatery (Spike's place) on the Hill has a portobello one.

  4. And I'm a fan of Big Buns in Ballston, which has fish, chicken, portabello, or beef! The lesson is this: everyone should do their homework before bringing a vege- or pesca-tarian to a burger place. As for me, I'll be waddling down the street to get more Ray's.