I Like Big Buns And I Cannot Lie

Of course, by Big Buns I mean Big Buns Gourmet Grill in Ballston. It's pretty much brand spanking new and pleased the iEat crowd completely.

Nestled into a courtyard away from traffic and noise, this green spot is definitely going to hit it big with the locals. By green I mean seriously, GREEN! The place is covered in the color, including the logo and staff t-shirts. And also green as in, the garbage cans are recycled oil drums, everything is super uber recycled, the plastic cups are made from corn (somehow?). ECO FRIENDLY BURGERS, everyone.

First question: Bun or bowl? The buns were fresh and tasty, nice and large, but I personally chose to get my protein on a bed of Romaine lettuce.

Second Q (or maybe this is first):What kind of protein? You want mahi mahi? Marinated grilled chicken? Portabella mushroom? Ohhh you want a regular old burger?!?! OK fine, we have that too.

Third question: What's going on it? Maybe some cheese (from which there are 5 or 6 to choose). Maybe some peppers, onions, mushrooms, guacamole, grilled pineapple, onion rings, or a zillion other things.

Fries, sweet potato fries, all kinds of good stuff going on here. The best part is that I can get different crazy combinations that maybe only I would want, and that's OK! I had a burger in a bowl with guacamole and grilled pineapple. I got a drink, and filled my cup with iced tea before heading to the syrup bar.

Yes, syrup bar.

Personally, I made myself a fruity raspberry iced tea. But if I got a diet coke, perhaps I would have made that a VANILLA diet coke. Or cherry!

Big Buns is a lot of fun. Everyone can get something different, it's relatively cheap and fast, and it makes you feel good inside to spend your money there. The staff is friendly, and the owner is too--both to customers AND the Earth. I challenge you to go there and get "the works." Is it "better than" Five Guys? No. It's different. The fries aren't as addictive, there are no peanuts, and there are no hot dogs. Five Guys hot dogs rock my socks, but that's a different story altogether.

What it comes down to is the following: I'm a sucker for alternative options, Havarti cheese, guacamole, grilled fruit, sweet potato fries, and Italian sodas. And they have milkshakes. Now you know why I really like it. And I'm not the only one.

Big Buns Gourmet Grill
4401 Wilson Blvd
Metro: Orange Line to Ballston
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