Postcard from Frankfurt

Oh, the travels.

People call Frankfurt a lot of things. The Pittsburgh of Europe. Mainhattan. Bankfurt. When we tell people we were in Frankfurt they usually say something like this: "Oh, I've been to that airport. I hate that airport."

We didn't get too far from the headquarters of our event, but we did make some good food choices.

First was Joe Pena's, a Mexican joint that seemed grossly out of place. We got the typical fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, etc. Although everything was pretty good, it was pretty awkward to be eating mediocre Mexican food in Europe.

Then we found Restaurant Avocado, a French restaurant with friendly service and sauces to die for. I had quail in a port wine sauce with fried quail eggs. Quail two ways, if you will. The sauce was unbelievable. B loved her salmon with olive gnocchi (it was green, but didn't taste too olive-y), and D and L both enjoyed the sole. We had a generous (but not tasty) amouse bouche of goose liver pate (not my style), and a little plate of truffles to close our meal. The friendly server ensured that our pescatarian's freebies were appropriate, and that D's dishes were "kleinasalt" or low-sodium.

We had an awkward 4pm lunch at Waxy's Irish Pub down in the heart of town. I had a burger and B had fish and chips, and we were happy Americans with giant plates of food. Oh, that is, we were happy until some crazy British guy started telling us that our President didn't know how many states were in the Union and that he "wasn't smart." YOU WANT TO MESS WITH BARACK OBAMA, SIR?! THEN YOU ARE MESSING WITH US! Also, we were just eating lunch, guy. Seriously, back off.

There were takeout windows with sausages, but with a vegetarian and constant rain, we were hesitant on several levels. We did do our due diligence (required in almost any European country) by stopping at many random bakery-type establishments for croissants, pretzels, and danishes.

People less sleepy and more willing than us to be groped hung out at Sansibar each night, a bar/club/lounge in the Japan Tower. We wished them well before heading home exhausted--via cab--in the rain.

Buy some chocolates at Ellie's and buy/eat many Goldbären (it turns out Germany is the land of gummy bears).

General observation: Sparkling water doesn't really quench thirst, bottled water is expensive, and nobody seems to drink much (nonalcoholic-wise) abroad. We're all about our 8-10 glasses over here, but I saw many people with plates of pretty salty food with NO beverage. Aren't ya'll thirsty???

If you go to Frankfurt, find more interesting places than I did, and may you have better weather!

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  1. My food-goal in Frankfurt was to eat a frankfurter. I believe I failed in that task, but I did eat at an Italian place and had a deeelicious plate of pasta that I missed a lot since I had been in pasta-free Eastern Europe for almost two months before.

    Also, I thought all Germans loved Obama. What the heck was with that guy??