Passover Recipe

Passover doesn't involve totally different eating than the rest of the year for us. Broiled fish, big salads, and grilled chicken are safe for consumption--just pass on the croutons. I still like making certain Passover-only items, like matzah lasagna.

For this post, "Recipe" seems like a disingenuous tag. More like, "vague instructions for something that's really easy anyway." ***Keep in mind that this recipe is not okay if you are careful about gebrokts, "wetted matzah." If you are all about matzah balls on Passover, then this is for you!

Without further delay, MATZAH LASAGNA A LA IEATDC:

In a mixing bowl, mix one 16 oz (1 lb) container of non-fat cottage cheese with one egg and as much cooked spinach as you want. Add some garlic, salt, pepper, and oregano.

Take a baking pan (I used a 13 x 9ish Pyrex) and put a little tomato sauce on the bottom. Take matzah and dab a little water on it to soften it slightly (I literally hold the piece of matzah with my left hand, turn on the sink with my right, put my right hand under the running water, and then run my fingers over the matzah). Put the wetted matzah across the baking pan, breaking it to fit if necessary. Now spread some of the cottage cheese/spinach mixture on top of the first layer of matzah (an inch or so). I repeated this once (another matzah layer, another cheese/spinach layer, another matzah layer) and finished off with some tomato sauce and low-fat shredded mozarella on top.

I baked this puppy at 350 until it got good and melty. This recipe is very open to additions and variations--some people like sauce between every layer, some like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and who knows what else. Do what you please! It's easy, fast, yummy, and stays nicely in the fridge for lunch leftovers.

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