First "Real" Seder

I say real because when I "hosted" two years ago, my mom brought most of the food already-made. We had a lovely, beautiful, delicious, enlightening seder.

(And to catch you up if you are lost: It's currently Passover, an 8-day holiday where Jews remember being led out of slavery in Egypt by Moses by taking part in two seder nights and foregoing leavened items for the whole holiday. I don't miss the bread much, but I am already dreaming about the beer I'll have when the holiday is over later this week.)

Menu [with links to recipes where available]:

Both Sephardic (dates/figs/honey/apples) and Ashkenazi charoset
Matzah ball soup (Dad made unbelievable soup, and J made the fluffy matzah balls)
Brisket (that thing cooked for 5 hours)
Tzimmes soufflee
Farfel raisin cookies (Splenda and regular sugar)
Apple cake
Mandelbreit (Splenda w/dark chocolate chips and regular sugar)
Macaroons (original and chocolate chip)
Fruit and chocolate tarte
Pistachio cookies
Raspberries and strawberries

The Brisket (and tzimmes soufflee). With a Capital B.

Apple cake, pistachio cookies, store-bought chocolate covered macaroons and matzah

J's macaroons. Delightful!

My frog. He's a "plague" and he's chilling on my wine glass.


  1. Looks positively scrumptious!

  2. I sent the Obamas my Bubbe's special Passover macaroon recipe:

    1. Open can.
    2. Serve.
    3. Eat.



  3. Oh, but they are *delicious* homemade!!! Warm and toasty from the oven!

  4. Mrs. Foot, I will make anything on there for you and the ladies at a potluck HH!!!!! But SS has to bring chocolate dessert. She crazy.