Boccato Gelato

I’m falling behind, I know. I have news on Corduroy’s new location (and still delicious food), another Liberty Tavern exploit, my first brunch at Vermillion, and others. But I have to say that Boccato Gelato is hands-down THE BEST thing to happen to Courthouse/Clarendon since I moved in two years ago. The Chocolate Hazelnut I had the other night had the smooth creamy goodness texture of a mousse that J ordered a few months ago—a mousse that I lusted over while staring disappointingly at my own choice.

Elisa, a pink flavor that tasted just like vanilla wafers, was among the new flavors we saw last night. I get the sense there will ALWAYS be something new. I tried Rice Pudding, too—it was OK, but not as good as the Chocolate Hazelnut. T had the Basil Lemon, and J2 had Oreo Biscotti. I wish I had the CH with the El Coco (coconut), but for YOUR sake, dear reader, I wanted to try something new.

You almost always get a little cookie with your gelato, and at almost $4 a pop for a small (two scoops, please get two different flavors to maximize your experience), these guys are making a killing. AND they are friendly. AND there seem to be pieces of a future espresso/coffee adventure in their future. Maybe that’s their plan to survive the winter? Cash only, too!

Boccato Gelato
2719 Wilson Blvd (Across from Whole Foods)
Metro: Orange Line to Courthouse
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  1. So, you're my new friend now that you've commented on my blog. Being new to the blogosphere, I'll take any action I can get! As for Boccato, yummy indeed. I love how much flavor can come out of a small cup. I do hope that credit cards are part of the mix soon.

  2. Just want to update with some recent favorite flavors: Pistachio, Amish Caramel Puff, Dark Chocolate Sorbet, and Pumpkin Pie. Mmmmm!