Reliable Source

A reliable source informed me that she and a friend felt sick after eating at Zengo recently. She did some digging, and a handful of other friends reported similar occurrences--first they ate at Zengo, where they enjoyed delicious food, and then they went home and had a bellyache. I wonder how good the food was--was it worth it?

781 7th St NW
Metro: Yellow/Red/Green Lines to Gallery Place/Chinatown


  1. Just saw this - my boyfriend and I both got sick after eating here last year for RW. Wonder how common this is for diners at Zengo?

  2. Seems a little too common for my liking. I always wanted to go there but now I think I'll hold off! Thanks for your comment!

  3. I went there with an exboyfriend and I don't remember getting sick, but I do remember that the portions were too small. Come to think of it, I wanted ice cream afterwords but never ate any, so maybe I did have a stomachache, because I never pass up on ice cream.

  4. Every time I eat at Whitlow's my stomach hurts after, but that's because it's a real "greasy spoon" and not in a good way.