Have a car and ye shall travel...through Brooklyn to find the best cupcake!

Why else would you travel?  The below was written by the wonderful and fabulous L--the hands-down coolest person in New York City. When I asked what she was up to on a recent Sunday morning she was all, "You know.  Cupcake tour.  The usual."  Jealous much?  I begged her to document it.

With two of my best gal pals C&E, our mission was clear: find the best cupcake in Brooklyn. E & I have tasted many Manhattan cupcakes and there have been some hits and misses. With C's upcoming bridal shower, E thought we should do a cupcake taste test to inspire the cupcake to have at her shower, only a borough away in Long Island City.

1st Stop: One Girl Cookie, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Check out the selection!  [Ed: I like how they acknowledge the spikiness.]

We had one of each--carrot cake w/ cream cheese icing, chocolate cupcake w/vanilla "hot pink" frosting...  Carrot cake was by far our favorite, it was a moist cake with a sweet cream cheese icing. We liked the chocolate, but cake was a little too dense--but the frosting was delicious. One Girl Cookie has an adorable decor that just screams "girly" bakery.  Only problem is people set up shop in their seating area like it's a Starbucks!! Really not cool, there might have been 6 mini tables and no one was moving for us, so we took up two stools at the bar. If you're not into cupcakes they have whoopie pies, macaroons, and mini cookies. I tried a mini chocolate chip and mint ganache sandwich cookie...loved both!!

Back to the car...

2nd stop: Baked, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Super excited about this stop...Baked was recently featured on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" for its salty sweet brownie. There was no time for brownies today, we were all about the cupcake. Lucky for us there have a salty sweet cupcake, we also selected their carrot cake cupcake and lemon drop cupcake.

Salty Sweet Cupcake!!! Oh yes, it was a good as expected--chocolate cake, caramel filing, chocolate frosting with sea salt. Best cupcake I've ever had.  The cake was moist and delicious the caramel and salt and chocolate...so hard to describe, but so awesome! Carrot cake cupcake had a true carrot cake feel and taste, very nice but felt like eating a muffin. [Ed: Zing! That's a dis.]  Lemon drop cupcake was so soft it practically melted in our hands, also sweet and very moist!

Baked has a more rustic, almost "manly" feel in its decor. Wood lined the walls, tables and counters, we had a nice seat in the back to take in all the action.

We picked the salty sweet cupcake as our absolute favorite!! Cant wait for C's shower to see which cupcake made the cut!!

Thanks for sharing, L.  Wish we (all) could have been there.  I had a salted caramel cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake this past Saturday and it was flippin' amazing.  Their cupcakes are tiny, but oh so good.  I will definitely bring you some when you come down in May.  If I say it on the internet it must be true. 


  1. Wha??? But I was at georgetown cupcake this saturday! How long did you wait? I thought about the salted caramel... but went for three chocolate versions. For shame.

  2. I got the free cupcake of the day (Birthday) + 1 salted caramel at about 10am (opening time). I went on a one-way run down the Capital Crescent and hitched a ride back--paid the driver w/the Birthday cupcake. Line was about a dozen deep before they opened.

    I confused a friend who saw a tweet that I was at GC, because she had just run by it--but in Bethesda!