Jungle Grille

I may not have easy access to happy hours or food trucks, but I've got a few things.  Namely, Franklin's and Jungle Grille.

I adored the homemade chicken salad on a wrap with sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, and tomato.  Pick all the crunchy toppings you want and make up your own sandwich--I did!  The chicken salad is herby and creamy, and did I mention that it's warm?  Warm (not hot) chicken salad, cool crunchy vegetables, and darn was I a happy gal.  I'm not sure if the photo does justice, but the size of this thing was pretty unbelievable.  I was preparing all day for JG, but I have to be honest--afterward I felt a little remorse for finishing.  Just tooooo full.  The pickle wasn't my favorite.  I rarely find a worth sandwich-side pickle.  Too floppy.

And that's my Nantucket Nectars (Half & Half) in the background, along with a giant cup with ice in it (soo thoughtful, a nice touch!). 

And HOMEMADE potato chips! These suckers are a cross between chip and wedge--they aren't really "crispy," but the opposite of that is NOT soggy, it's potato-ey.  Scientific word, look it up.  I loved these chips (and I'm not the only one).  One order is enough to share, so bring your buddy.

E enjoyed the chicken teriyaki with pineapple--she says it was tasty.  I can't deny or confirm because I didn't taste it, and I didn't even take a picture!  How is that possible!

Jungle Grille is a friendly place with a broad and delicious menu (and fro yo), but if you want, just go back and get the same thing every time.  It's not that they are reinventing the culinary wheel, it's just that in that area, most of the food is barely edible.  And that's why I bring my lunch 99% of the time.

The decor is a little odd, but not everything is about looks.  The soundtrack alone can woo you; we were constantly entertained by the mix of 80's and 90's pop that was played; we actually stopped our conversations and looked around, as in, "Really?  This song?"  Gooses.

Jungle Grille
8145 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD
Metro: You can Green Line to College Park and take a bus.  Or drive.  It's in a strip mall with lots of other stuff, it took me a few minutes to find it!

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  1. When my friends used to go to UMD, I hate here all the time. The signature grille jungle style was awesome. But their sweet potato fries are to die for. nice review

  2. I miss Jungle Grille! I don't think I actually ever ate THERE though. We got takeout from there all of the time. I'd like to eat there again : )

  3. Aww, this brings back college memories!!! Yay for Jungle Grille! I had almost forgotten this place, but now I will have to definitely eat there on my next IKEA pilgrimage.

  4. I'll switch work locations with you guys for a few days; you can go to JG and I can pretend to know what I'm doing. LA LA LA I AM LAUREN/EMILY!