If you can't make it to Java Green for lunch, then go for dinner.

Recently my frequent dinnermates and I had a strange situation--we could not find any Friday or Saturday night for our monthly gathering.  Even a weekend morning brunch was out--everybody was traveling at all the wrong times.  So we settled on weekday happy hour, which obviously turned into a trip to Java Green.  Speaking of Java Green, Cafe Green recently opened, and it already has some raves (and rants) on Yelp

Back to our dinner.

Here was my line of thinking:  You can't go wrong with an old favorite.  I had the rice and beyond.  The new, updated menu renamed the orange chicken to be "sweet and sour," but I assure you, it's the same.  E was with me on this.  The best part of R&B (not that R&B) is that you get so many different items and (most importantly) textures!  Smooth, rough, gummy, crunchy, sweet, spicy, and I could go on.  It's all there.

Mmmm, "chicken" sandwich.  M's choice.  She seemed to like it, but I was suspicious about the ratio of bread to guts. 

 B had a lot of the same contents as rice and beyond, but also some bulgogi.  And no potsticker/dumpling guy (which I think was missed).  Otherwise, yum yum contents!

C's ramen was pretty good.  It was ramen--it didn't knock my socks off, but it was hot and noodley, and full of veggies.  If that's what you need, it'll deliver. But I'd prefer pho.

Ready for the bummer part?  If it's a nice day, maybe you want to take a little walk for some dessert.  Guess what?  Hello Cupcake closes at 7 Mon-Thurs.  Don't worry, I can bring cupcakes into any conversation.

Java Green
1020 18th St NW
Metro: Orange and Blue Lines to Foggy Bottom or Farragut West; Red Line to Farragut North

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