Free Stuff Friday

What a week!  Beautiful sunny days (Tuesday, I'm ignoring you), free stuff, and the Caramel Heathbar at Dairy G was particularly full of CH chunks.  That photo is of the spring salad at Clyde's from last weekend's brunch.  Arugula, quinoa, fava beans, radishes, and lemony vinaigrette.  Quite crunchy and yummy, on a picture perfect day.

In the blogosphere:

L sent me this new blog (I assume it's new, because it doesn't have anything before April).  I wouldn't call myself a health nut, but I added it to the GoogRead.  I enjoy a good recipe.

Locally, the fine folks at the GW Hatchet have given Foggy Bottom Grocery the thumbs up.   FoBoGro was a long time coming, and they had some drama last fall with the liquor license, etc.  Town-gown stuff, you know.  I am seriously wanting The Brewster (roast beef + horse radish coleslaw = WHAT'S UP!).  Also, the chicken salad...I'm sort of a connoisseur.

Bourbon Steak has been seriously luring me with its tweets about Pimm's Cup pitchers; I let them inspire me and made a Pimm's concoction for brunch at my place last week. (thanks Dirty Radish!)

I'd like some of these candied lemon peels, but do I have to use them as garnish?  I think they'd make a nice tangy snack.  (via One Bite At A Time).

Interactive farmers market map from the Post is quite handy--times, dates, and everything.  Looking forward to checking out what's available in our new neighborhood.  But you'll always be first in my heart, Courthouse Farmers Market!  

The Baltimore Sun often has headlines that crack me upThis photo gallery is no exception--notice that there aren't particularly descriptive captions for most of these photos.

This is a Times-heavy week.  I'm sorry that they are the best newspaper in the world, but that's just the way it is (even though CONGRATS to the Post for its 4 Pulitzers!)

I totally need to go to this deli in Portland once my cousins move there (which is happening soon, thank goodness).  Thanks NYT.  My favorite quote from that article: "I have a dream of a multiplicity of pastramis."  Go with that dream, sir.  Go with that dream.

Food critic Sam Sifton from The New York Times gives us a sample of his weekly diet--his caloric intake is staggering, despite the pretty significant exercise he does to try to counteract the meals.  He also talked a bit about salad in last weekend's magazine.  Take a look at this (simplistic, but still) calories per day calculator to see what's "normal" for age, weight, and exercise level. 

I love cilantro (in guacamole, in these burgers, etc), but a lot of people don't. It's not your fault that you don't love it, but you can learn to!
All right peeps.  Enjoy Maryland Day, running, or whatever you have on your plate this weekend!!!



  1. Good post! Are you running the Unite Half Marathon? Or is that just a random running link?

  2. Yep, running! It's my mom's first one, she's excited. Cross fingers for no rain!