Finally-Freakin'-Gorgeous-Outside Friday

Wooo!  Kites!  But that was last weekend.  On to the week:

Honest Tea is givin' stuff away.  (via We Love DC).

Brunch in the City went to Acadiana and ate delicious food, but all I can think about are 25 cent
mimosas.  What in the what?

Apparently Shalom's has THE BEST hamantaschen ever, and in her post about it, W&CP gives lots of love to an iEatDC fave--Levain.   ::Sigh::

Inkpad shared some interesting tidbits with me--she follows such awesome (and by awesome I mean sugar coma inducing just by READING them) sites.  First, these adorable chicks/cupcakes.  I can't imagine eating that little guy.  Or making it.  Who said you can't fry a Cadbury Creme Egg?  Anyone?  Because they are WRONG.  Apologies in advance to your future cardiologist. 

This week Man made Mango & Tomato's super juicy turkey meatballs in a K for P way (matzah meal instead of panko, etc), and they were a huge hit.  With the week I've had I was happy to have some reliable delicious leftovers to bring for lunch.

I don't know about you all, but I had a crazy week.  Lots of tupperware involved.  Go out and enjoy the amazing weather this weekend, and relax : )  We'll be out of town for part of it, but the only blogging I'll be doing about that is the home cooking.  Passover, you are so crazy!

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