Passover 2010 Wrap-Up

Heeeeeeeey bread-loving friends!  Before we join you in fluffy yet crusty carbland, I'd like to recap this year's Passover.  We dined on the bread of affliction in several states and also enjoyed some of the delectable sides going along with it.  I even got to have awesome leftovers (of which I have no photos---I can't have all my friends hate me) at J&Js on a weeknight.

I'm apologizing in advance for my photos--at our seder I had my Entertaining Hat on and forgot about my other hats--Picture-taker (not quite photographer...) and Blogger.  

Last year was the first time we really cooked our own seder.  So this year we were old pros : )

The menu was as follows (links where I have 'em):
Charoset (2 kinds--Ashkenazi with apples and walnuts and a Sephardic version with dates and almonds)  and PS I made sooo much, WAY too much, it's not normal.  And I ate it for breakfast during the week, even though it's made with wine.  Sorry?
- Roasted eggplant spread (cut 'em in half, drizzle olive oil, sprinkle garlic and salt, roast 45 mins at 400. Scoop out the goodness inside and mix it up in a bowl)
- Giant crunchy chopped salad with craisins, green beans, asparagus, and a pomegranate vinaigrette (equal-ish parts POM + balsamic + slightly less olive oil, whisk and enjoy)
- Vegetable soup w/matzah balls
- Popovers
- Vegetarian stuffed cabbage
- Grilled asparagus
- Brisket (5 lbs)
- Salmon (3.5 lbs--this was gorgeous, but I took a crappy photo so check out the Post's)
- Raspberry squares
- Matzah candy (chocolate sugary goodness)
- Macaroons
- Chocolate drop cookies OF COURSE I am obsessed ok I'll stop now sorry.  
- Mixed berries (and of course the chocolate spread I intended to serve with it, but forgot.  Of course!)

The only thing I wanted to make but forgot to was the tzimmes soufflee from Kosher by Design.  It's sweet and fluffy but still a vegetable side, because it's carrot!!!  I needed a second oven to get it all done. 

Let me also say that I had TWO friends help me cook for hours on Sunday afternoon, and that our family and friends brought almost half the things on that menu---they are the greatest!  Having everyone bring something--whether it's a dessert, a bottle of wine, or some of their family's traditional charoset--makes hosting way easier AND more fun.

At my sister's house we made another brisket, a vegetable bake with zucchini, spinach, mushroom, and onion, and again ate tons of fruit and the yummy chocolate covered coconut  morsels.  Smaller crowd, but all immediate family, including grandma :)

Our fridge, the night before the seder--can you say FULL?!  iPhone shot, gotta love that quality ; )

Mmmm juicy brisket...

Yummy plate of brisket, veggie bake, and leftover horseradish.  I freakin' love horseradish.

Elijah, we are waiting for you but you are SO SLOW.

Did I mention that our second seder was in Boston?  What a lovely resevoir on a VERY pretty day!

I hope everyone had a healthy and happy Passover/Easter/Sunny Weekend (hey, that's it's very own nonreligious holiday, right?)!!!!


  1. Looks like some delicious brisket

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks dude. I ate brisket three times from three different preparations (mine, my sister's, and J&J's) and all three were delicious, but unique. My sister made SEVEN POUNDS!

  4. Your seder table is so cute! You're such a fun hostess. :)

  5. Thanks, dear. FYI that's four tables put together--one "real" (um, Ikea) and three folding card tables. I don't mess around!