Fun-loving Friday

This past weekend I introduced Berger cookies to my in-laws, and again, they were accepted with open arms.  No one can deny the power of the Bergers cookies.  And if you want a pie full of them, just get the Baltimore Bomb from Dangerously Delicious Pies, which recently opened on H Street NE.  It was Duff Goldman's guilty pleasure on a recent episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate.

I can't WAIT for this weekend! A lovely friend of ours will be in town this weekend, as well as a set of adorable grandparents.  Makes for quite the fabulous weekend.  But before we can get there, we need to talk about the week.  Let's get into the blogosphere!

I freakin' love these carrot cake whoopie pies (via State Dinner).  I could make them myself thanks to the recipe, but maybe I'll just go ahead and add them to my cart at Trader Joe's. 

Homemade Pop Tarts from Smitten Kitchen.  Sometimes when I'm hungry at work and out of snacks I get Pop Tarts from the vending machine.  Not super filling.

Grilled sandwiches.  Filled with cheese.  Seriously.  eNJoy! brings us to a place that Bobby Flay challenged to a grilled cheese Throwdown--the Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ.

I'd like to make this cake for J for his birthday, but I'll probably screw it up.  Maybe I can buy it off someone.  Ahem.  (via Eat Run Read)

Loving Cara's photo of the egg dish here--check out the avocado.  Speaking of eggs, I've seen lots of 'em lately.  To be specific, both SK and Cara blogged about shakshouka within a few weeks of each other.  Maybe I should try it.

DCist on Ray's the Steaks at East River.  Sounds delicious (and affordable), but I can't help it--when you say East River, I think East River!

I RSVPed for the Food Blogger Happy Hour, and you should too.  Let's relive a little Restaurant 3, shall we?

Just to share my blog-reading philosophy, I just like to post here about what my friends and I send each other on Google Reader, Twitter, and e-mail.  Some weeks I read a lot of news; this week was NOT one of those weeks! (Although yes - slushies may make you run faster. Too bad I'm not a fan.  If only milkshakes had the same effect...)

NEXT week I'll talk to you about my recent amazingly delicious perfect falafel (and not just because I was positively starving), and some more macarons.  I can't stop.  Have an excellent weekend!  Happy May!!!


  1. "Ahem" - was that directed at me? Because I'm totally in! Haha, when's the birthday?

  2. You mean the same inside-out carrot cake cookies I made? Hmmmmm? http://inkpadchocolate.blogspot.com/2010/02/inside-out-carrot-cake-cookies.html
    <3 They're excellent. Maybe someone will make them for you if you're nice.