NYC is my lunchspot: CRISP & Macaron Cafe

Lunchtime in NYC.  It can be as simple as a hot dog or maybe a bit more fancy (hey, you can get a deal mid-day!).  On a recent trip, there was no subsequent suggestion that would steer me away from the original proposal: CRISP.  With two locations in Midtown, this environmentally- and health-conscious eatery is servin' up some quality falafel sandwiches that are delicious, filling, and downright good-looking.  Keep in mind that only the one at 3rd & 43rd is open on weekends--that information might come in handy, folks.

How adorable is the packaging?  My falafel is IN there!

That rogue lettuce leaf is too cute.

I had the Parisian: tomato spread, goat cheese, roasted peppers, and red onions.  GORGEOUS.  DELICIOUS.  I'd never really had flavors like this with my falafel, because usually it's a tabbouleh/tzatziki kind of situation, a Mediterranean vibe.  Suspicions confirmed: goat cheese makes everything better.  The falafels here are nice and light, crispy on the outside, and airy on the inside.  My sandwich is HUGE: these pitas have 4 or 5 balls in 'em! 

This is sister's falafs, the Africa: North African peanut sauce, sweet potatoes, corn salad, green onions, cherry tomatoes.  A little spicy, so if you like it hot, the Africa may be for you.  You can have your contents in a pita, or served OVER a salad but still with a pita (whole wheat or white) on the side.

And by the way, the fries are great.  Also: the menu notes for you which house-blended tea pairs best with what meal.  For serious!

I can't get over it.  I love lunch

110 W. 40th Street (btwn 6th & Broadway)
684 3rd Ave (corner of 43rd)

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So I needed to bring something back for the old man (sorry about not bringing you back anything from Bouchon).  So macarons it is!

That's pistachio, nutella, coconut, caramel, and two dark chocolates. Yum.  These were pretty good, but they had nothing on Bouchon's ganacheyness.  The cookie part was a little chewy, and the filling didn't make me want to shout praises from the rooftops.  But a cookie is a cookie, and I'd eat them again.  This joint also has some good looking lunch options, but the seating is Sparse with a capital S.

P.S. A note to my friends on the Bolt Bus: Sorry I didn't share.  That was mean.  I know you saw the cookies.

Macaron Cafe
161 W. 36th St

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  1. Wow- your falafel looks SO good.

  2. Crisp is actually one of my favorite places here on Earth! The food are always so tempting and delicious

  3. I need to try Maoz in DC (they have them in NY, too. And a lot of other places). I've heard it's better than Amsterdam Falafel!

  4. I don't know what took me so long to comment on your blog!!! I've always known of its existence, but geez... this is awesome.

    Anyway, this food looks real tasty - and it's somewhat close to my job too! I will definitely check it out soon (it's a nice walk from the office).

  5. Aww thanks Devs. I'm a little intense! I have a few more NYC posts coming up--snacks, dinner, and brunch. The usual. I <3 falafel!!!