Friday: The Gateway to Three Days of Freedom

Pretzels!!!! They are BACK!  I just had a pretzel from Sigmund's the other day, after reading about it a couple months back - sooo timely.  I want to make them, and also, these House Made Buns.  And I loooove this salad from the Post chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, avocado?!?!).  

It has been quite the decent week in food-related news and blog posts, but daaaamn it has gone by slowly.  I'm at work thinking "mypoolopensthisweekend, mypoolopensthisweekend.  why is it not the weekend."  Lather, rinse, repeat.  On to the news!

Totally forgot to share the news about the first Chipotle in Europe!  Hopefully not the last... (hat tip LB!).

This man has been going to Sardi's for 77 years.  That's loyalty.  My mom has lunch there about once a month, and now she wants to find him.  Cute!

The 2010 XTreme Eating Awards make me feel yucky.  Speaking of stuff being bad for us (just about everything), here are calorie counts on our favorite grilled specialties.  

Agree with the Atlantic article here.  Too often "veggie" means "portabella mushroom in between slices of bread," which never was and still is not my cup of tea.

This article from the Times about looking past the children's menu definitely stirred up some discussion this week.  Personally, I ate off of either the children's menu or the appetizer list for a long time--in fact, I still sometimes eat a combination of appetizers.  The reasons were numerous--I didn't really eat meat until I was in college, my parents weren't super adventurous themselves, and we ate at home most nights.  Also, when I think about young children (maybe 6 and under), it seems like whatever is put in front of them is barely eaten, just moved around and taken apart.  I'm not dropping entree-sized dollar bills on that situation!  Interesting article, but what we eat is also a statement of culture and economics.

Speaking of picky eating, my dear friend wrote this sassy blog post (is there any other kind?) BEFORE the Times printed that article.  Timely with a recent discussion among friends about To Send It Back, Or Not To Send It Back.  

Washington Post's Spring Dining Guide - sort of interesting, but sort of not.  It's nice to revisit things, but Vienna Inn?  Really?  I do remember back when Georgia Brown's used to be more of a big deal and frequently recommended.  Now half a star--ouch!   In more local news, ever wonder what happens when servers gone bad take your credit card to pay the bill?  These "Slim and G" characters sound shady.

Dino did pretty sweet duck dinners earlier this week.  I wish I knew about this quackery earlier. (This is a common complaint of mine. I find out about things the day of or so close to the day of that a) I have other plans, b) the tickets, if required, are sold out, or c) there are no reservations available.  It makes the blogs and web sites that offer this info way less useful.) Luckily, Dino decided to add a few more dates for June.  QUACK!

A few more blog posts:
- What in the chocolate...this chocolate hazelnut nutella ganache nonsense from Culinary Concoctions looks amazing (thanks SS)
- Strawberry Brown Buttery Bettys from Smitten Kitchen.  I basically want to take to some white bread with a rolling pin
- A mojito with a somewhat unlikely combo of ingredients from Corcoran Street Kitchen.  YUM.

OK you all, that's pretty much it.  Oh, and also, I decided I'll be hosting a Top Chef Recap once TCDC starts airing.  That means I'm vowing to watch it ON TIME (starting June 16).  And the post will have spoilers--after all, it's a recap.  If you haven't watched yet, just save the post for another time.  That's why I do with HIMYM

Graduations, running, drinking, gettin' some culture, brunching, etc.   Enjoy your 3-day weekend (or 4-day if you're lucky) however you choose!!!

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