Friday I'm In Love

...with turkey salad.  Oh that?  It's my delicious turkey salad wrap from the Maryland Food Co-op.  It could have used twice the turkey salad, but I could add whatever I wanted veggie-wise and--um--it cost about $3.40.  I splurged on a bag of chips.  

What a week!  It was a blast to finally make it to a Food Blogger Happy Hour.  I was a bit late, and people were kind of sitting all around in already-settled conversations, but I still managed to meet the lovely folks behind Eat, Run, Read; I Flip For Food; DC Loves Food; DC Fud; Eat By Tweet (aggregates tweets by official restaurant accounts by city so you can get news and specials, it's pretty sweet); The Frozen Fix (inspired me to finally get this KitchenAid attachment); Seeking CB, and maybe a few others? 

A few people at the happy hour asked me if I cook.  I do!  We do!  [In reality we really assemble more than cook, but you know.]  We go out once or twice a week.  You may recall that when I started blogging I was a poor student in an unpaid internship.  I frequently accomplished harrowing feats of frugality, including The Summer Of Bringing Lunch Every Single Day Without Fail.  Basically, I don't share recipes because it's all simple stuff that we didn't invent.  We make the same favorite things over and over.  Nothing like this or this or this or this.  Unless we're entertaining.

Speaking of cooking, Inkpad made the compost cookies, yum yum yum yum yum!  I finally got to try them, and I didn't have to dirty a dish : ) I know for a fact that she included pretzels, toffee chips, and potato chips, among other items.

This week in the food-related Internet:

Angela & Mark at I Flip For Food went to Minibar by Jose Andres!  Looks completely amazing--I want to go eventually, but I have no idea when!  It remains on The List.

I want a wood-burning oven in my kitchen (an OMG moment from WSJ).

Everyone's favorite Top Chef judge (not to mention accomplished chef and restaurateur) is talking about the importance of being local, creating jobs, and avoiding chemicals.  High five, chef!

FREE ICED COFFEE on May 11 from participating Dunkin' Donuts, my favorite.  (via @frijolita). Ya'll, today I tried the 99 cent iced coffee that 7-11 has been screaming to me about--yes, screaming.  I drive past a 7-11 and there's a huge tarp/sign advertising it.  Basically, it's as if you took the supersweet frozen coffee blended thing and let it melt.  SO sweet, re-dairy-ified with who-knows-what kind of milk or cream (!), and just yuck.  I just want good coffee--cold.  With milk.  Not skim. 

Maybe Ben's should start serving The Mother In-Law (via WWDTM blog).  What?! A tamale playing hot dog?!

DIY cake platter out of old/different stuff! (Thanks InkPad).

I have to go now, because someone brought home cupcakes from the recently-opened Frosting ("A Cupcakery Bakeshop").  They all look pretty darn good, and the flavor selection is sweet...um, awesome.  "Campfire" has a graham cracker bottom, chocolate ganache layer, and DAMN marshmallow frosting.  Update: I also indulged in the carrot cake.  Both had super moist and delicious cakes and really tasty frosting that wasn't too sweet, a complaint J reserves for Something Sweet.  Interesting flavors and textures, too.  What a pleasant experience!

This isn't food related, but it should improve your weekend.  Have a great one!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, and we had a great time meeting you, too! And the photo of the turkey salad wrap just made me hungry for lunch. At 10 in the morning. GAH.

    Also, thanks for the panda fix. So cute.

  2. It was great meeting you at the Happy Hour. Also, thanks for the eatbytweet link. Hope to see you at the next Happy Hour!

  3. Those cupcakes look to DIE for. YUM!

  4. Just read this entry. It was great meeting you, hope to see you again soon - perhaps with cupcakes?