PSA: There Are Pretzels Inside My M&Ms

Sometimes I feel like if I haven't gone to a new restaurant lately (but instead, indulged in typical favorites, quick fixes, and homemade feasts), I have nothing to share with you all.  But that's simply not true.

Whenever I casually mention the pretzel M&Ms, someone nearby usually shrieks "WHAT?!" in utter disbelief.  But it's true.  And I feel compelled to tell you about it so you are not one of the blindsided masses.  There are teensy itty bitty pretzels coated with a candy shell.  They are crunchy and delicious.  This bag is not from the Mars company, but from B

Close up on the shot of the pretzel/m.

This bag may not be open, but that doesn't mean I didn't crunch on these little bugger all night long at a recent gathering.  I like them more than regular M&Ms, which aren't really my deal.  I like peanut, but peanut butter is my favorite.  Just look at that sassy lady M&M on the bag!

So anyway, the lesson is: look around for these if you want to try them, and if you love them, buy in bulk.  We all know what happens when you fall in love with an awkward spinoff candy---it disappears, and you mourn. 

I hope this brought a little sunshine to this otherwise dreary 3-day patch (tomorrow hasn't happened yet, but we know it's not looking good, guys). 


  1. I must find these for my mother.

    Have you tried the coconut ones? Oh, I love those.

  2. I think they were found at Target. We thought coconut was okay, but we were disappointed it was just added flavoring. We wanted to see little white coconut flakes!

  3. The flavoring may be what I like, it reminds me of sunscreen, and thus the beach :)

  4. Good luck with the 1/2 this weekend! I'm praying my legs cooperate.

    Oh my goodness, I love the pretzel m&m's! But you're right - peanut butter is the best. Even better than reese's peices!