Friendship (Heights) Friday

I'm having a personal dilemma about whether or not I should get the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment from Amazon or Crate and Barrel.  Notice the $20 difference, then combine it with the fact that I have C&B gift cards, so it would be "free."  But wouldn't it be better to pay less for the item and use the C&B for something else?  Perhaps presents for upcoming weddings, and additional table linens that I neither need nor have the proper table for?

Enough of my boring problems, let's get down to the week:

Yet ANOTHER Whole Foods opened in the Bethesda--Georgetown Corridor.   We Love DC, Mango & Tomato, and Two DC all checked it out on preview night.  We went the next night to check it out and pick up dinner.

I feel strongly that all supermarkets should have mushroom displays that show them in their natural habitat.

 Burger area - mmm bison!!!

 We headed to the Shish area. As in, kebab.

Lamb kofta with tzatziki, veggie salad, and stuffed grape leaves.

Beef shwarma with tabbouleh (thumbs up!) and rice.

Pretzel roll.  I couldn't help it after thinking about this  and this for a while.  

MacarONs, silly WF.  MacaROONs are our coconut friends.

Towers of sweets!!!  Macarons of all flavors and colors!

 Caaaaandies!  Not sure who Sandra Boynton is, but I bet her quote is right above there...

The bear-filling station.  Adorable.

BTW, I meant to share this with you earlier: an article from the Kitchn (via T) about how the name Whole Paycheck may be a tad unfair sometimes, depending on what you are getting.  I had a nice time at the new Foods.  It was packed, and the place was huge and full of treats and fun that Clarendon (and teensy River Road) can only dream about.  The only thing I really wanted but didn't get was a popsicle.  I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities this summer to wander over for dessert (or a post-run frozen treat!). 

Also, I made these cookies from State Dinner tonight, and yummmm.  Thanks @ElyssaK!

So I only have one baking sheet that fits in our new (smaller) oven.  Instead of baking in two shifts, I put a few in a large muffin sheet.  They came out just fine, in their own special shape.

Enter the cream cheese filling....

Now that I've gone on and on, here are a few notable links from the week:  Selling babies for beer.  Toasted coconut chocolate chunk cookies from Eat, Run, Read.  I like these little caviar topped apps from Mango & Tomato (especially the semi-homemade nature of it--good for a hostess with little time).  How about those hoe cakes at Art & Soul (and how about Angela for passing the notoriously difficult California bar?!), from I Flip For Food. I want to go to Pies 'n' Thighs just because of the name, from The New York Times

Enjoy the weekend people, whether you're in town visiting the newly named Andean bear cubs or heading out of town for a little foodfest.


  1. Sandra Boyton writes those adorable children's books, like Moo Baa La La La, which is a personal read-out-loud favorite. You can see her whole repertoire here: http://www.sandraboynton.com/sboynton/Introduction.html

    I should buy a few for my friend who just had a babeh.

  2. Awww we <3 babehs. Do not sell babeh for beer.

  3. Haha, the mushroom habitat is great! Whomever created that rocks my world!

    And most importantly, how were the samples??? I worked in a Whole Foods Bakery in HS and pretty much spent all my time putting out free samples. YUM!

  4. I didn't have any samples :( It was later in the evening (but still pretty crowded) so there wasn't much left.

  5. So that's like three Whole Foods within a 2 mile radius up there in NW? Maybe they should consider the hill. We might like to enjoy some whole foods too.

  6. I <3 Whole Foods! How's the parking at this one?

  7. Yes, you should get the attachment, despite my inability to eat ice cream, i promote its enjoyment any time.

    I just went to this Whole Foods on Monday night. It was pretty epic. It was hard to not buy everything. We got some of the fresh pressed cashew butter. damn is it good.