The F in Friday Stands For fHappy fHour

We've been making our own cocktails.  Above is the Moscow Mule.  After checking them out at Bourbon Steak & The Gibson, we were eager to make our own!  BTW, Goya Ginger Beer is WAY strong--we cut these with some seltzer.  But if you need to clear your sinuses, hit it up straight! 

This was a great week.  It started with J&G Steakhouse, and it's going to end with Babies this weekend.  BABIES!!!

Let's recap some weekly news and happenings:

This might not be news, but I had the May Shake of the Month at BGR - chocolate covered strawberry.  It was delicious (are you surprised?).  Coincidentally, that's the name of my favorite flavor at Thomas Sweet.  Or is it a coincidence...

Now really, on to the articles.  Our house is full of pretzels, mostly because of J.  But I'm a huge fan of pretzel chips, and I also looove hot pretzels.  They are SO FILLING, and they are warm and soft on the inside, a little crispy on the outside--just wonderful.  I give you: the sandwich on a pretzel bun.  

My other Times favorites this week are:  The White House pastry chef is awesome.   Go Burger is the name of the BLT spinoff coming to Dupont Circle.  And French onion soup for vegetarians (!). 

Feeding yourself is one thing, but what about your cats and dogs? And because I mentioned dogs, I should show you my dog-niece and her dog-aunt, basking in the sun in the Garden State.  Wow, only Kassidy can make Sophie look big.

Ahem!  Moving along.  We (along with everyone in their right mind) love How I Met Your Mother.  This week showed Marshall representing our so very true obsession with mini hot dogs, mini cheeseburgers, mini pizzas--basically "any food at all that would make [us] feel like a giant."  Excellent episode.

I was tickled to see some celebrity chefs on Treme!  Chang, Ripert, Colicchio, and Dufresne (Wylie, not Andy)--and they namedrop Besh to excuse their lack of reservation. Puh-leez, guys, like you need an excuse?  We love you, you're adorable pretending to act and everything.

BROOKIES (brownie cookies) from Bakerella.  

Cookie Dough Fudge Cheesecake.  I could never, ever make this without either bringing it to a party or hosting one myself.  It would be incredible straight out of the freezer like a frozen creamy dream come true.  (from Eat, Run, Read).

This is drinking related--for those who have had trouble unlocking their doors after a long night.

I'm going to work on a Top Recommended list for a post next week--the places I've been to a bunch of times, enough to recommend frequently without hesitation.  Get psyched.

Enjoy your weekend!  Hopefully the weather is good enough for at least one outdoor brunch.


  1. I am a total sucker for anything served on a pretzel bun.

  2. This week's HIMYM episode was the best of the season. Glad to see foodie friends who also love the show.

  3. I watch entirely too much TV for someone who complains about having too little free time.

    PS, my coasters are by my pal LMNOP: http://www.etsy.com/shop/laurenmc18