Birch & Barley - Brunch

I'm not the first one to blog about dining at Birch & Barley--definitely check out the reviews here, here, here, here, and here.  One major item I'll tell you that's not in the other reviews is this: many of the chairs are clear.  So ladies, don't wear low-rise pants unless you have a long shirt, or diners are going to be treated to a plumber's situation.  Not only unappetizing, but embarrassing!

But I digress.

I've always been a fan of most of what the Neighborhood Restaurant Group puts out there.  We love Evening Star (especially brunch) and Vermilion is one of our favorites for a more special night out. 

On to B&B:  First we shared the sticky bun.  It had been a while since we'd had something similar.  The cream cheesy center and the gooey factor was perfect, and the whole thing wasn't too sweet.  It still felt like breakfast, not dessert.  Next time we'll get the donuts, just to round out the experience!

J loved the chicken and waffles--what a great consistency.  The waffle was crispy and delicious, and the chicken was juicy and had a sweetness in the crunchy outside.  The portion was really generous--it's an entree for a big eater, for sure. 

I had the corned beef hash with duck eggs.  I pretty much love all eggs, I don't discriminate.  I liked my meal, but I think J's was better.  The potatoes were really tiny and they (and my eggs) were a touch too shiny for me--I wanted to blot them with a napkin like I used to do to my pizza as a teenager.  I think I'm turning into a CBH snob

So our food was taking a little while to come out--it was a nice day and we didn't care at all.  But the kitchen cared (which is always nice) and sent us a buffalo chicken flatbread on the house.  This flatbread is delicious; not too spicy, but a little.  Unfortunately, it didn't really go with the flavor profile we had going on for brunch.  Also, our meals came out shortly after it arrived.  So?  I had it for lunch the next day!  YESSSSS!!!!!  Thanks B&B : )   The flatbreads are nicely sized, definitely shareable among a handful of people as an appetizer (everybody gets a slice).

Iced coffee fans:  This isn't a place that has iced coffee hanging out in a pitcher waiting for you, so you won't get refills, and it's not very cold.  Stick to hot coffee--they serve Illy, just like Tallula--sooo delicious.

I'll definitely be back at Birch & Barley.  Great service, yummy food, a ridiculously amazing beer list upstairs, and by the by, brunch is Sunday from 11 til 8pm.  Yes, that is an EIGHT.  Good for them!  And good for us.

Birch & Barley
1337 14th St NW
Metro: It's kind of in between a bunch of stations on all different lines.  We walked from Dupont, so take a look at the map for the station most convenient to you!

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  1. I went there (well to Church Key, upstairs) with I & D! Loved it! Flat breads were so good... wish I had been aware of brunch!

  2. Great photos! I had the duck eggs too and loved them.