When I read this Five Bites Friday over at Metrocurean, I saw some words that spoke to me. "Sticky buns" and "jazz brunch." I decided that for your benefit, dear readers, I would investigate BlackSalt immediately.

First, on "jazz." There was jazz music playing, but it wasn't live (Boston, you win this round). Maybe there is live music sometimes, and I just misunderstood.

Second part was more successful. The sticky buns were delightful. Not too big, not *too* sticky (there is such a thing)--the perfect appetizer. Nuts were on top and inside the soft, flaky pastry. These buns were not dense or heavy; this isn't Cinnabon and we aren't at the Chesapeake House.

J's house-cured corned beef with cabbage and cabernet jus was a melt-in-your-mouth, lick-the-sauce-off-your-plate situation. The cabbage provided a little crunch, a fried egg and some potatoes on the side provided the balance, and the whole thing was a surprise; I'm pretty sure this was the one dish on the main brunch menu that didn't appear in the online version. His second choice was the chocolate-stuffed french toast, which will just need to wait until our next visit. Take some sweet-toothed people to brunch with you so you can have a few bites of theirs!

I had the three egg omelet with goat cheese, arugula, and mushrooms. It's not rocket science, so it was good, but I didn't care for the side salad of lame frisee and other stuff. It tasted like oil and wasn't seasoned at all. The wood-grilled salmon was my second choice, but I was feeling more breakfasty than that--this should come as no surprise, considering I eat breakfast for dinner quite often. If I was more health-to-the-wind I would have had the sticky buns (not shared) and twice as much coffee for my breakfast.

For those who aren't familiar, BlackSalt is a fish market/restaurant. You get to see some good-lookin' sea friends on your way in and out!

The service was friendly and properly attentive, and we were surprised with complimentary fruit (in lieu of rolls, which would have paled against the buns) before our brunch arrived. And of course, after eating, you should go for a walk/drive around the neighborhood and pick out which house you want.


4883 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington, DC
Metro: Hm...
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