Tackle Box - FYI

I know. We keep going to the same places. Maybe because (ahem, restauranteurs, take notice!) if your establishment is quick, conveniently-located, delicious, cheap, and possibly even healthy we will visit often! TB is on the way home from yoga, and by now, if you are a faithful reader or a susbcriber to TB's ways, you know the deal--$13 for the "Maine Meal" of a protein w/sauce and two sides.

Alert: Not sure when it happened, but now there's a $9 option for those who want just ONE side! You aren't trapped into the two-sider anymore ("OK fine, TB, force me--I'll have green beans AND the macaroni and cheese...but I'm not gonna like it). So I had my favorite--wood-grilled tilapia with grilled lemons (that's my "sauce") and macaroni and cheese, for less than $10. Try to beat that, especially in Georgetown.

Tackle Box
3245 M Street NW
Metro: Orange/Blue Lines to Foggy Bottom, and every other route to G-town

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