News: We Want Steak!

People have been talking about it for a while, more recently here and here. I walk by almost eery day, occasionally peering in if my eyes think they see something new. For now there are some classy looking white leather-esque bench/seat deals, and cool fans that have two long blades (that go across the fan, looking like four blades) that are at slightly different heights and spin in opposite directions. The second article above says Ray's the Steaks is moving to the Navy League Building at 2300 Wilson Boulevard sometime in January, maybe--that's right across from the Court House Metro Elevator and around the corner from Five Guys. It's been a looong time coming, and it seems like such a prime location, it's insane that it's been empty for so long.

Apparently the current RTS location might turn into a fish fry place! I always hear people complaining that there's not a decent fish-fry in this town, so that would answer those guys. Fish fry tonight, guys? Nah, let's get enormous burgers instead.

Come quickly! Save us from the yucky American food in Court House. To be honest, only the Asian food in Court House is edible--Sawatdee, Minh's, and Delhi Dhaba.

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