Evening Star Cafe - Brunch style

It's not a secret that we love Evening Star. With the darling restaurant's premier location (read: near Dairy Godmother), it's hard for us NOT to come back for more. Del Ray lacks the crazy crowdedness (and chain stores) of Old Town, and makes up for its tiny size with depth in the "charm" and "good eats" categories.

There's nothing crazy going on at brunch. They aren't reinventing the wheel. But what's done is done well, and consistently well. The Cinnamon-Apple French Toast is sweet (and gooey...and delicious...) but won't give you a toothache, and the Brisket and Eggs is the perfect solution for the person who sorta wants breakfast but also sorta wants lunch. My personal favorite is the Crabcake Eggs Benedict, partly because of all the colliding textures--smooth hollandaise sauce, soft poached eggs with silky yolks, crisp on the outside but delicate on the inside crabcake, and chewy English muffin to sop it all up. OK, I'm officially hungry.

The best part about Evening Star brunch? The slices of chocolate chip pumpkin bread that appeared on the table before our meal.

The worst? It's only on Sundays, people.

Evening Star Cafe
2000 Mount Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA
Metro: Park it up, drivers!
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