2 Amys

When I mention 2 Amys to friends from back home (NJ/NY), I always tell them it's the best pizza in the area, then quickly qualify that with something like, "You know, sit down pizza. Not by-the-slice." But the truth is, I prefer the "sit-down" pizza at this Northwest Neopolitan pizzeria to some of the delicious cheesy by-the-slice establishments of central Jersey; it's just a totally different thang. 2 Amys pizza is so serious that they are certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, which specifies the exact ingredients and preparation methods to abide by to create the most authentic Neopolitan pie.

Beware, this place is packed. And noisy. And if you want the homemade donuts, you better arrive at a reasonable lunch hour, because they are usually gone by dinner. Reservations? Pah! So why would families schlepping kids of all ages, high chairs, grandmas, etc wait hours for pizza?

It's that good. And I'm not the only one to say so.

The nasty weather influenced our decision on how exactly to end Passover. We were going to stroll down to a local Mexican joint, but the rain convinced us a car ride to 2 Amys was meant to be. Our first taste of non-K-for-P was a Hefeweizen-like beer at the bar while waiting (just 30 minutes) for our table.

J's Abruzzese pizza was topped with meatballs ("polpettine" at 2 Amys), garlic, parsley, and Pecorino cheese. Considering he ate 3/4 of it right there, I'd say it was good.

My Ripieno Basilico was truly fantastico! [As I edit this post, my mouth is watering just thinking about it, and it's breakfast-time.] Ripieno means "stuffing" or "supplementary" in Italian, but is also a musical term referring to the main body of an orchestra. At 2 Amys it refers to the menu's stuffed pizzas. These aren't neat calzone-shaped pockets with ribbed closed edges. This is literally like someone took an awesome pizza and then closed it in half. The crust is fluffy but crispy but chewy, and blows my mind. Mine was filled with ricotta, fresh mozzarella, grana (an Italian cheese), pesto, and tomato. But let me tell you, this was no cheese pizza. Half of my dish made a superb dinner, and the leftovers were the next day's lunch. I reheated it in the microwave (too impatient for the toaster oven) and the crust held up just fine.

Before our meal, we decided to forgo traditional appetizers and just split a pleasant crostini with sheep ricotta and asparagus. AFTER our meal, when we were both stuffed, we still decided to order cannolis and the chocolate truffle swirl ice cream. The house-made ice cream was divine, and I'm sure any of their flavors would be. It had a silky, creamy texture with a little bit of crunch to it (but avoided being silly, like a Ben & Jerry's). The cannolis were not my favorite, probably because I'm less traditional on the cannoli front and enjoy a thicker, sweeter filling. In the past we've enjoyed the straight up Margherita pizza and the polpettine al forno (meatball appetizer).

2 Amys is one of the best place to eat in Washington. Like many of the other places I frequent, it's on the Washingtonian's Top 100 in 2008, resting comfortably at #30.

2 Amys
3715 Macomb Street NW
Metro: A hike from the Red Line to Cleveland Park, or drive.

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