Postcard from Paris

La Mere de Famille: This chocolate shop is a delight. The caramels (both fruit flavors and decadent morsels like salted dark chocolate) are divine. You'll probably get a taste of a chocolate cookie at the cashier, too. I can't imagine a better place to buy me a gift on your next trip :)
Several locations. See the web site for the most convenient one for you.

Arnaud Delmontel: Macarons, macarons, macarons. B got one of each flavor, and I think my favorite was the yellow with red spots. We *think* that the filling might have been fig. Although B didn't love the taste of the green (pistachio), she most enjoyed the texture of the filling. Apparently it was fluffiest. I'm going to start tasting the ones I find in the US and see if anything compares. There's this place, Michel Patisserie, but although you can order some macarons for "pick-up," they don't give an address. I can call and find out the address or just give up, thinking "Why would I buy something online for 'pick-up' from a place that doesn't bother giving me the pick-up address?" Am I being too harsh? Another option is Bethesda--see DC Gastronome here. That'll be for a Sunday morning hike, but I've GOT to do it.
Several locations, but I've only frequented the one at 39 rue des Martyrs. It's the perfect stop on your way to or from Sacre Coeur.

Random sandwich place in the Jardin des Tuileries: Is it a sunny day? Are you in Paris? Grab a crepe or sandwich (and some mulled wine if it's on the cool side) and pop a squat on a nearby bench or at a table.

Aux Meilleures Crêpes de Paris: We just call it "World's Best Crepes," because if they are the best crepes in Paris, and we assume that Paris has the best crepes in the world...you get the reasoning. Whether you get sweet (banana and nutella? Strawberries and cream, anyone?) or savory (four cheese; mushroom, tomato), this place has the hugest crepes around. The employees make those crepes really work for their keep, stuffing them with your desired fillings and wrapping them around before handing you what looks like an enormous prized bouquet. Be careful: snack on one of these too late, and you'll have to forgo dinner. And steer clear late at night when the window is frequented by loud, possibly-drunk teens.
2 rue du Faubourg-Montmartre Link to map.

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