Belga Cafe

Belga Cafe is a totally cute place in Eastern Market. When J (the girl part of J&J) said that she goes there all the time and we would love it, we did the usual: took her words very seriously, and made an almost-immediate reservation (at least for the next weekend Sunday we had free).

I'm surprised Belga takes reservations; it seems like the sort of place where you're just waiting on line for a bit (but liking it). Like Good Enough To Eat (my experience here).

We obviously had a side of fries. They were definitely better than run-of-the-mill fries, but not as good as Beck's.

J had the waffle, which was a solid choice. Very waffle-y.

And I had the green eggs! Eggs scrambled with fresh herbs on an English muffin with some tasty cheese on top. Someone at the table next to ours had it, and in true child-like fashion, I was all "I want that! It's green! I want it! Gotsta have it!" It was flavorful and filling and pretty. The ol' two Fs and a P.

Our service was a little spotty. I think they tried to give us J's side of eggs before our drinks (and the rest of our food), then fries, and then the waffles and green eggs. Oops!

So you need a touch of patience :)

Also, we were there on that freak 60-degree day, and walking down 8th street after brunch was perfect for getting rid of that super-stuffed feeling AND buying something cute at homebody. Then, of course, head to the market.

Belga Cafe
514 8th St SE
Metro: Orange/Blue Lines to Eastern Market
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