We recently re-visited Central with our sophisticated NY guest. We've only had good experiences there, and this dinner was no exception.

What DIDN'T we eat? We had fried chicken, fish and chips, lamb, a side of mac and cheese, and who knows what else. Everything was delish (at least everything I tasted). The mac and cheese is SO good but very rich, so please share--maybe with several people.

For dessert we got a handful of things. We'd had the Kit-Kat before, and it's okay, but I think other desserts shine brighter. If you're really jonesing for chocolate, the Kit-Kat might not do it for you. Moving on to more delicious things: THE BANANA SPLIT. Ridiculous. The portion is huge (please share, once again) and the ice creams are so rich. The chocolate isn't some watered-down Breyers situation, it's deeeeep and quite wealthy in chocolatey flavor, and covered by a semi-hardened fudgey shell. You need to have it to believe it. Stop denying yourself the power of the chocolate.

Excellent service, excellent food, a touch of fanciness, and all without [completely] breaking the bank. You really can't go wrong.

Central Michel Richard
1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Metro: Blue or Orange Line to Federal Triangle or Metro Center
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  1. Precisely my take on the desserts...LOVE the TV dinner tray banana split. The Kit Kat seems to be the specialty, but I'm not sure why it's on both this menu and the one at Citronelle; not their best showing. (Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I don't care for this particular variety of candy bar either.)