Le Pain Quotidien - Clarendon Opened Monday 3/9

LPQ Clarendon opened on Monday after teasing local residents all weekend by appearing open with an informative sign on the door that said "Training in Progress." J and I shamelessly peered in the windows at the tables; Georgetown is far, okay?!

I intend to try the pastries. The more guests I have, the more pastries I get to buy/try.

Besides the news of its opening, the only LPQ Clarendon info I have is that I ran by it this morning and it smelled divine. But maybe it's like Disney, and they spray the scent of fresh-baked-goods along the walkway.

And yes, although B was surprised, LPQ is indeed Belgian.

Le Pain Quotidien
2900 Clarendon Blvd
Metro: Orange Line to Clarendon

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  1. The chocolate bombe cake is fantastic, and the warm waffles with those spreads (especially the praline ones) are well worth the fuss.