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In the words of my favorite blog-her, Amalah, I had a burger “cage match” between some area favorites—it even got published in the Free Ride section of the Express, and on Tom’s Chat (my sorry claim for local celebrity). I’d like to take this opportunity to expound upon my math.

Elevation Burger (Falls Church), Five Guys (all over), and Urban Burger (Rockville) all have their pluses and minuses, which appear below.
+EB has potato rolls
-FG "controls" their napkins at some locations
+FG gives you TONS of fries
-EB doesn't give as many fries, a minus
+FG is metro accessible!
+FG has peanuts!
+EB has milkshakes!
+UB has a great variety of burger options with cute names and yummy toppings (like avocado)
-UB is more expensive than the others
+UB also has fried twinkies! Plus!

I really liked Elevation because potato rolls remind me of childhood, they have such a great texture. Others might agree with J, who said he liked the option of a potato roll, but wouldn’t necessarily want one every time.

The varied options at Urban Burger make for great fun, but it almost takes it out of the category, because the joy of EB and FG is their simplicity. This or that. Ta da. Also, it's in Maryland--great for some, a trek for others.

Five Guys will always be the easiest for me to get to (and thus the most frequented) but if only they let me have as many darn napkins as I’d like, they would probably win. Fries and burgers are greasy, people! Especially with those unlimited toppings, it can get messy.

Do the math, think about what's important to you in a burger joint, and enjoy!

Elevation Burger
442 S. Washington Street
Falls Church, VA

Urban Burger Co.
5566 Norbeck Road
Rockville, MD

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries
All over the place

Metro: Court House, Gallery Place--do I really have to name them all?

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