Faccia Luna

Today's image is brought to you by us--at Meadowlark Gardens.

I like Faccia Luna. When seeking a decent dinner out, but not too far from home, I’ll head over to this joint on Wilson Boulevard, next to other perpetually-busy spots such as Boulevard Woodgrill and Whitlows on Wilson (neither particularly impressive).

My usual take is a small misto salad to start, which has dates, pecans, AND feta, all in one salad with a light champagne dressing. The dates alone are enough for me to make up my mind. Part II is always pizza—La Capra has been our favorite so far: goat cheese, spinach, and grilled chicken.

The service is friendly, the atmosphere is nice (not too loud, not too quiet--not too dark, not too bright), and when we get small salads as appetizers and split a pizza, we almost always have a few pieces left over for midnight snack or pre-lunch appetizer. They also have Splenda, which means that J & I had iced tea. An inexpensive but satisfying night out in Arlington is nothing to sneeze at. Their other area location is in Alexandria.

Faccia Luna
2909 Wilson Blvd
Metro: Clarendon


  1. Faccia Luna was delicious! The salad does not hold a candle to the yummy pizza (which in turn totally depends on the great pizza crust)

    I am now a fan.