Personal Responses To Your Keyword Searches

But first, the making of a maple syrup ice treat:

 Obviously imagine that little boy has eyes as wide as saucers. Also: me.

Anyway, I don't pay much attention to my Google Analytics because I don't have ads (and I don't make money off of this blog...just joy).  But I do get a kick out of looking at GA every few months.  I love that the majority of new visitors were searching around to see what the heck they are going to feed their hungry Gryffindorian children  in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter--it is consistently a top-5 most viewed post, in basically every time period imaginable since I hit "publish."  Mmmm, butterbeer.

Along with the map of visitors (WHAT IS UP, Norway?!) is fun to see the search terms that bring people right here.  I search for the most random things all the time (or, mostly for [store] + "coupon" "code" "free shipping" or "promo"), and I hope some of my antics bring another analytics peruser some laughs.

"the one burger you must have before you die"  I'm glad you searched that and found me.  But let me assure you that although I favor the shake of the month sometimes, I prefer Ray's to BGR.

"chicken and waffle on a stick"   I like you.

"is injera kosher for passover" and many iterations of the same question.  I doubt it, but ask your rabbi!

"high cotton" "duck hash"  Go.  Now.  I'm jealous of you for going now.

"be at a real sedar online"   I love technology, but if you haven't been invited to a seder, host one!  Your friends, Jewish and non, will love it!  I do know a place for bar mitzvah lessons online though...

"can i walk to art and soul from union station"  ABSOLUTELY.  Also see Metro for directions via public transportation and walking!  Or, in the alternative, Google maps!  It helps me a lot, I'd be lost without it.

"directions to ray's hellburger from metro"  We've been through this a few times, and I've given some smart-alecky talking-tos to people who claim it's not Metro-accessible.  (Sorry if you live in the Capital Region and could not care less.)  The deal is if you get out at Rosslyn you have to walk uphill on the way there (sad panda).  I'd prefer to get out at Courthouse and walk downhill.  It's less than half a mile, and if you live in the city and are urban and walk everywhere with your reusable shopping bag just in case you happen upon a farmer's market, you can do it!  Driving there can be a hassle because that parking lot is minuscule and always full.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Search hilariously.


  1. I used to live behind Ray's HB, and I commuted to Foggy Bottom daily. I'd walk downhill to Rosslyn in the morning and get off at Courthouse in the afternoon. Downhill both ways. Best commute ever.

  2. hehe i have to say- i love. this. post.