Jake Moon Cafe

I've mentioned Jake Moon before--and Sean was all, What's Up With That?  TJP suggested it back in my Miss Albany post, and J and I realized it's really not that far, and is on the way to Thacher Park

On a beautiful morning we first gave out water halfway through the Delmar Dash, then we ran our own little Albany Dash before washing up for brunch with D.  When people from DC or NJ ask me what living in Albany is like, after I tell them how my rent payments were slashed (HAPPY FACE) and how little traffic there is (GIGANTIC SMILE), I always tell them how it gets rural fast.  I leave Albany on Delaware Ave, I'm in Delmar in bebeh suburbia, then bam.  Hills, views of mountains, open fields, horses, a goat staring at me on the side of the road, you name it.

Jake Moon serves breakfast all day.  You know how I feel about that. They also have lunch, dinner, catering, and by the by, if you yak on to the waitress about how much you love the apply butter, she'll happily jar some up for you for less than $5.

First up is local cider.  I didn't ask whether it would be hot or cold, because I didn't care. I wanted it either way!  It was hot, served with a cinnamon stick.  Delicious.

I had the Red Flannel Hash - sirloin beef, roasted beets, corn, onions, potato, poached eggs, and sourdough toast.  My dining companions commented that it almost looked like chunky-style chili!  It was very good, but I think next time I'll try the corned beef hash.  The sourdough bread rocks, but I sort of wanted half sourdough toast and half cinnamon raisin.

J had sausage gravy and biscuits with over easy eggs and potatoes--the SOS.  He was feeling happy and somewhat southern.

D had the Bennet Hill scramble, with smoked Gouda, wild mushrooms, and herbs.  She's such a sweet friend that she let me have a bite--let me tell you, this kitchen knows how to make an egg.  How many meh omelets have I had recently? (Hint: too many.)  The gouda was awesome; when a dish has real flavor, you know it's composed of quality ingredients. 
 The place is full of charm, friendly service, delicious food, and apple butter that you want to bathe in.  Or maybe just I want to bathe in the apple butter; I really shouldn't put stuff like that on you.

This is the orange marmalade, which, while more pleasing to the eye, is outdone in nom-ability by the apple butter.

We didn't have any 'zerts, but maybe next time we will, just to round out the experience. 

Jake Moon Cafe
2082 Delaware Turnpike
Clarksville, NY

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  1. jake moon is my absoulte favoriteeeee place for breakfast! and it also helps that its about 10 minutes from my parent's house! weeee! love it there. their cinnamon raisin bread is amazing too, which you can buy there by the loaf!

  2. That looks REALLY good and the portions seem HUGE (a MUST in my brunch-book)! Thanks for the review and I'm looking forward to trying it out... maybe even after the Washington Park YMCA 5K this weekend as a special treat!

  3. Sean - do not dally! Jen, I see several loaves in my future. I'm sure we'll be back at Jake Moon over and over. The food is as good as or better than Cafe Madison, and the service is 1000x better, no question.

  4. Finally made it to Jake Moon, but not before a failed attempt some weeks earlier where a 30-mile bike ride only netted me a "closed for the weekend" sign and an empty belly. Everything was just as good as you promised, and with an atmosphere that made Cafe Madison look incredibly uptight by comparison. Can't wait to go back.

    Also, I noticed your "I Want to Go There" list and wanted to say that I've been to Surfside and it's excellent. I used to live in Glover Park so I'm sure convenience-factor plays a role in my affection, but everything always tasted incredibly fresh, light and healthy. If you're ever there for a long weekend and find yourself wandering over near the Nat'l Cathedral, or jilted by the length of the line in front of Georgetown Cupcake, make the quick trip down the road and treat yourself to the best fish-taco I've ever come across.