Juicy Burger

Juicy Burger had a decent burger.  I liked their bun, the portion was reasonable, and the price is right.  I'll take it over Five Guys any day.  It was equivalent to (though less expensive than) the one we had at the bar at New World.  They even have sweet potato fries!!  I heard from a little bird that if I ask for it to be between red and pink it'll be that way--just "pink" by their standards is a bit too done for my liking.

I'm trying my best, you guys.  But I've been spoiled--I found the ideal burger for me (admittedly, not for everyone), and now it's all I want. It's my gold standard, and pretty much nothing else can compare.  Not Rare, not 5 Napkin, not Palena (though many people dig that).   The bun at JB was tasty, and they have some salads if greenery is your kind of thing.

Juicy Burger
5 New Karner Road
Guilderland, NY
(Also in Ballston Spa)

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  1. That bun looks delish. Was it too much, though? The meat portion looks tiny in comparison...

  2. It looks tall, but it would flatten if squished. More fluffy than dense.

  3. It's sad for me to see Five Guys expanding to new markets triggering the unenlightened masses to show such excitement. Alas, for Ray's Hell Burger has also spoiled me for life. Interestingly enough, Rugby Cafe in Georgetown makes an AMAZING burger. It's #2 to Ray's, but not by far...

    You're a better person than I for at least giving these burger places a shot!

  4. mmm, burgers.
    I don't know...I was very pleased to learn that Five Guys would be available when I made my recent move up to Albany from Alexandria. Now, if only there were a Sonic less than 50 miles away (what can I say? I like the cherry limeade thingys).

    I am familiar with the old ieatdc, excited to find you here! Now I will have to start stalking you all in order to find the good food...


  5. I used to like Five Guys. I like that they have hot dogs, the food is cheap, the peanuts are plentiful, and you get a TON of fries even when you order a "small." But once I started to enjoy a perfectly-cooked, pink/red center burger, I stopped eating at FG. If I'm going burger, I'm going all the way. Otherwise I'll eat something healthier.

  6. Come visit us in L.A. - these people are burger obsessed! Ray's still holds a very dear place in my heart, but Mark now scoffs, as he's found at least 2 or 3 replacements.

    That burger looks delicious, but I have to concur with the above commenters, that looks like a lot of bread.