One of my coworkers goes to Karavalli once a week.  Some people might find this mundane and redundant, but let me be clear: he often switches it up by alternately visiting the Saratoga location and then back to Latham, closer to where we live. 

I really can't blame him.  It's just so good.  The portions are enormous, you feed yourself and then some with leftovers to bring back the good memories at a later date, and the service is prompt and friendly.  The place is always busy, humming with a good energy that just makes you feel glad.  Maybe it's the blue "sky"?

If you've been around a while, you know we love Indian.  Upscale modern Indian from Rasika, cheap takeout from Delhi Dhaba, sit-down traditional from Delhi Club, or crazy colors pizzazz at Tandoori Nights.  We haven't met much Indian cuisine that we don't like, but we had high hopes at our new digs.  And the menu had some items we'd never seen before--apps go well beyond the typical samosas and pakoras.  Let's discuss below.

Mmm giant beer + buttery naan.  J's pale hand cannot wait to spoon some palak.

Above you'll find Bhel Poori, a typical chaat or snack.  Rice puffs, chopped onion, potato, coriander leaves, and tamarind. It's odd how they left out how it's made with crack, but clearly there's an addictive substance in it.  I shovel it first to my plate, then quickly (really, before it really arrives) into my mouth as if a famine is going to set in at any moment.  I'm like Katniss when she first leaves District 12--insatiable, despite the bounty before me.  

Crispy tamarind eggplant with a similar flavor profile to the bhel poori, but with yogurt, too. 

Lamb korma.  Delightful, but not as favorite in my heart as the apps.

A rock solid palak paneer.  The tandoori chicken was also a delight.  Seriously, one appetizer + two entrees + naan and you'll still have leftovers.  Which means if you're us and you get two apps + two entrees + naan you won't have to cook dinner the next day, which is nice.

Our current obsessions with Karavalli and Ala Shanghai (rainbow shredded chicken WHAT'S UP) make me super meh about going to a random Italian or new Americanish place on our hypothetical list.  Why pay $20ish per entree for something that might be good when I can have 6 soup dumplings for $4, and delicious entrees with guaranteed fab flavors (and leftovers) for $10-12?  Recently it's been Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Chinese, repeat.  It kinda makes me want to move to Latham.

9B Johnson Road
Latham, NY  (add'l locations in Saratoga)

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  1. I LOVE the Hunger Games reference! A sci-fi trilogy for girls was way overdue - I hope it's living up to my hyped up expectations.


  2. Karavalli is super tasty. Even their lunch buffets are awesome - tons of selection and quality. I keep meaning to check out more Italian restos in the area, being that we are in red sauce territory, but it's so hard knowing there are solid meals for cheap around town, too!