Miss Albany Diner

This little diner is TFC.  The food is good, the service is friendly, and there are interesting things on the walls.

Exhibit A:

Downstaters/DCers, please take the above as a lesson in NY geography.  I live nowhere near Buffalo.  It's 5 hours away according to this very official signage.  Hawaii seems too close...

And the food.  So here at the MAD they toast your cinnamon bun.  Even though I usually wouldn't order one of these delectable definitely-not-breakfast (DESSERT) items, I was intrigued by the toasting.

Let's get close.

That's the stuff.  This is basically criminal.  For real. I'm pretty sure slathering it with butter will get you LWOP.  A little crunch goes a long way, particular because it's caused by a crispy bread outer layer AND the crackling of the thin, sugary film. 

Corned beef hash, over easy eggs.  Classic us.  Delicious.

Cool huevos with chutney, some mint and mango.  I liked it more than J did, so we ended up switching about halfway.  His plate was definitely cooler.

I need to remember to ask for my toast dry.  I really don't need the butter--the rest of my choices do enough damage, and I prefer jam or preserves to butter anyway.  SO FORGETFUL.

PS, this joint closes at like 2:15pm or some crazy time like that.  You can get there for late breakfast, but not J&A-style 4pm winter weekend breakfast...we lazy.

Here's to continuing our tour of the Capital Region's best diner breakfasts.  Happy Monday everyone!

Miss Albany Diner
893 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207 

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  1. It all looks so delish. I am dying for a cinnamon bun now.

  2. I made some on Sunday....daaaangerous!

  3. Oh wow - that is BEYOND! I love me some brunch, and that chutney looks soooooo good. And I'm so glad the overnight cinnamon rolls worked for you! Look at you baking - I'm so proud!

  4. OH MY look at those homefries!! Yum!

  5. Check out The Jake Moon Cafe in Clarksville as part of your breakfast tour. They do a great job with breakfast, with a couple of different specials each weekend. The chef used to be chef at the French place at Quackenbush Square, not the last French place there, the previous one. Winter days are Thurs-Sun.